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Ensign James Phoenix

Name James Hunter Phoenix

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 195
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description James's hair is like a faux-like style. When off duty, he has the tendency to wear clothing inspired by the 21st century. Overall, he is pretty strong, as well as he is trained in hand on hand combat.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Keegan Phoenix
Mother Valerie Phoenix
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview James was born in 2005. On, April 5, 2025, he. and his best friend Ashlynn Regan, and some other people were on a mission to Mars to colonize it. But unfortunately, the unthinkable happened. An unknown cause, caused life support to fail, and causing the ship to be destroyed James and Ashlynn (who goes by Ash for short), made it to a prototype cryostasis tube, and froze themselves, hoping to one day be saved. Hundreds of years later, James's tube was detected by a federation vessel, in the 24th century, more specifically, in 2378, and it took him a while to recover. He later joined the academy, and graduated. But, he still strives to find Ashlynn, whom was very close to him. But who knows. Also he is not temporally displaced, since he was only frozen.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

-He is very good in the tactical and security fields, and eventually wants to get into command.
-He graduated as one of the top students of his class at the academy.
-Good following orders to an extent


-dwells on past events, since he is 373 years old. (also he prefers to be called the age he is supposed to be, so in his 20s)
-carries a lot of guilt, since he thinks he could have prevented the accident, even though he couldn't have.
-Gets distracted since he still believes Ash is still out there, and because he misses her.
-He also hates spiders and any kind of arachnids.
Ambitions -He wants to command his own ship one day.
-He wants to regain himself after the events that changed his life forever.
-Find Ashlynn Regan.

Hobbies & Interests -Car enthusiast, he loves cars.
-Watching old pop culture movies that were new to him.
-Exploring new things in the Holodeck. (But not holo-addiction like Barclay had)
-Finding more about the years he missed.
-Loves coffee, and loves Philly Cheesesteak.
-"Very Old Music" (Recent-ish for him, old for everyone else)

Personal History -Born on March 3, 2005
-Had a massive love for pop culture and cars.
-Signed on to the Mars mission on November 5, 2024.
-Frozen on April 5, 2025.
-Discovered by the USS Saturn, a Nebula Class starship, on May 4, 2378.
-Joined Starfleet Academy on January 1st, 2380.
-Graduated the Academy after many different cadet assignments to other ships. Class of 2384.
-Took many different smaller assignments until now, hoping to get transferred to the Washington.

Service Record 2025- NASA Observer on unnamed Mars mission
2026- Presumed dead
2378- Awakens, and is welcomed into the 24th Century
2380- Starfleet Cadet- Freshman
2381- Starfleet Cadet- Sophomore
2382- Starfleet Cadet- Junior-Served 6 Months on the Enterprise E
2383- Meets Ensign Jack Keeagn. They become good friends.
2384- Starfleet Cadet- Senior-Served on Starbase 225 for 6 Months
2384- Graduated from Starfleet Academy in the Tactical, Security, and Command divisions a few months early
2384- Promotion to rank of Ensign.
2385- Applied to the USS Washington NCC-81533-E, as a Tactical Officer, waiting to be accepted.
2386- Transferred to the USS Washington as a Tactical Officer