Ensign Jaro Antos

Name Jaro Antos

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jaro Antos fits the mould of the stereotypical description of the tall, dark, handsome, and cosmopolitan man. Although moderately muscular, Antos’ build is more of that of an athletic runner, and he is agile and quick on his feet. He is always immaculately groomed and dressed, his uniform kept crisp and dress shoes polished. His naturally black hair is typically kept short and sleeked back. As with a vast majority of Bajorans, Antos wears an elaborate and intricately designed earring on his right ear to symbolize his belief and faith in the Prophets but also to symbolize his betrothal to Aiko Kato.


Spouse Aiko Kato (Engaged)
Children None
Father Akorem Bek (Deceased)
Mother Akorem Renora (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Major Jaro Laan (Deceased adopted father)
Captain Jaro Lena (Deceased adopted sister)
Ambassador Fumi Kato (Deceased family friend)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jaro Antos is a highly intelligent, charming, and dedicated individual. He is often the centre of attention because he intentionally commandeers it. His quick wit, charm and good looks has made him stand out among his peers. He has a bit of a rebellious streak although this has been tempered somewhat over the course of the Dominion War. He is not afraid to speak his mind, but in recent years has learned the value of being diplomatic about certain opinions.

A deeply devout Bajoran whose belief and faith in the Prophets is absolute. Similarly, Jaro holds a deep conviction of Starfleet and its principles.

As an officer, Antos represents one of the best and brightest Starfleet has to offer. He is an exceptional pilot and a capable officer who excels under pressure. He is also an extrovert, preferring to be in the company of others than alone with his thoughts.

Despite his extroversion, Antos has difficulty expressing his emotions in front of most people and prefers non-verbal ways of expressing his feelings.
Strengths & Weaknesses Antos posses a natural intelligence that over the years has been bolstered by his exposure to a wide variety of cultures, peoples, and technology. He his acutely aware of his intelligence and makes no effort to hide it, which sometimes make him come across as proud. However, he also possesses the gift of charm, which to some degree tempers what would otherwise have come across as an obnoxious personality.

Antos is always willing to learn new things and strives not to make a mistake twice. Nevertheless, he is always willing to admit when he is wrong, although this does not come easily to him as humility is not his strongest suit.

A deeply passionate man, Antos is very much guided by his belief in the Prophets. Unfortunately, his religiosity has not tempered his emotions, which unfortunately guides his actions often. When he believes that he is right, he can be very stubborn and dogmatic and is not easily dissuaded.

A strong and capable leader, Antos is quick and eager to demonstrate his abilities, particularly his strong piloting skills. He is also a strong and capable leader.
Ambitions Antos prefers to defer to the will of the Prophets. However, he aspires to start a family of his own with Aiko, and a command of his own someday. For now, he takes immeasurably pleasure in flying all kinds of ships. On his secret bucket list is to helm as many starship classes as is currently in service. His total count to date is nineteen.
Hobbies & Interests Antos loves spending time with his new fiancée, who has been a rock in his life from his childhood. He also loves flying pretty much any aircraft, including drones.

Personal History Early Life
Jaron Antos was born in 2350 as Akorem Antos. He was born in the Singha refugee camp in Dhakur Province, Bajor. His parents were minor participants of the Bajoran Resistance – an association that ultimately caused them and the young Antos to be sent to a labour camp in 2358. For the next two years, Antos was forced into child labour where he was subject to all manner of abuse.

In 2360, a Bajoran Resistance cell raided the labour camp and liberated members of the camp. Unfortunately, Antos’ died in the raid. Now orphaned, he was resettled in a refugee camp in the Valos System where he came to the attention of Federation Ambassador Fumi Kato who was visiting the refugee camp. The Ambassador and her Bajoran Special Advisor, Major Jaro Laan took an instant liking to Antos who demonstrated exceptional intelligence and maturity above his young age despite his circumstances and poor education. With the help of the Ambassador, Major Jaro formally adopted Antos and relocated him to Earth where he was stationed as Diplomatic Advisor to the Federation Ambassador Fumi Kato.

Antos’ world changed from that day. For the first time in many years he had a home, family, and access to basic necessities that would previously have been a luxury. He quickly became fast friends with Major Jaro’s daughter and his adopted sister, Lena and the Ambassador’s daughter, Aiko Kato.

Although his pre-teen years were characterized by transiency due to the nature of the Ambassador’s job (and consequently Major Jaro), Antos had Lena and Aiko has his constant companions. He also learned to embrace the transiency as an opportunity to develop a cosmopolitan world view and learn about the various peoples and cultures of the galaxy.

Starfleet Academy
Antos had a wild streak in his pre-teen/early teen years and often got into trouble, although he remained a top-performing scholar and athlete. Seeking to quell his rebellious ways with some discipline, Ambassador Kato and Major Jaro suggested he join Starfleet Academy, which he agreed to do. Antos had always envisioned himself as a bureaucrat on Bajor having a strong affinity for public policy. However, after reading and networking with Starfleet officers, he decided to apply to the Academy and was accepted with the 2368 cohort along with his sister Jaron Lena.

In 2369 following the end of the Bajoran Occupation, major Jaro was recalled to Bajor to assist the Bajoran Provisional Government. Antos and Lena both sought special dispensation to pause their training and join their father, but their dispensation was denied. Lena elected to quit her Academy training while Antos, on the advice of both Major Jaro and Ambassador Kato, concluded he could still serve Bajor as a Starfleet Officer. Following her withdrawal from Starfleet Academy, Jaro Lena joined the Bajoran Militia, much like her father.

At the Academy, Antos quickly distinguished himself as an exceptional cadet. He was often the top of his class. Although initially intending to become a security officer, Antos quickly switched majors to Flight Control when he found he had a natural talent and affinity for it. He nearly joined the Nova Squadron, but his recklessness caused him to be disbarred before he was ever formally a member. Despite this blemish on his record, Antos managed to secure a prestigious fourth year placement on Starbase 375 as a support craft pilot.

The Dominion War
By the time Antos graduated in 2372, rumours of impending war between the Federation and the Dominion was prevalent, particularly after the Antwerp Conference is bombed. He elects to remain stationed at Starbase 375 but begins advanced training in flight operations to increase his proficiency with multiple spacecraft. This training culminated in earning his fighter pilot wings in 2373 just as open war with the Dominion started.

The Dominion War was particularly hard on Antos as he lost several family members and friends, notably his adopted father, sister, and Ambassador Fumi Kato, who was an influential figure in his life. He also suffered several injuries and nearly died on more than one occasion. Despite this, Antos made some meaningful contribution to the war effort as a pilot, and participated in notable engagements such as Operation Return, both battles of Chin’toka, the Siege of AR-558 and the Battle of Cardassia.

In the last battle, which incidentally was the last major confrontation of the Dominion War, Antos was captured by a Breen cruiser as a prisoner of war and was subjected to torture and abuse. Fortunately, he was subsequently released a few days later when the Treaty of Bajor was signed.

Post-Dominion War

In the aftermath of the war, Antos was sidelined to Earth on medical leave to address significant injuries he sustained and receive counselling to address significant mental health concerns. While on Earth for nearly a year, he became close to Aiko Kato and they both formally started dating in 2376. After he was cleared to return to duty, Antos returned as a Flight Control Officer on board the USS Scylax which was tasked with dealing with the rampant piracy that emerged in the power vacuum created following the destitution of Cardassia.

By 2379 Antos had grown disillusioned with the endless patrols and skirmishes with pirates and rebel factions. He took an extended leave of absence to spend more time with Aiko and to reflect on his future. During this time, Aiko proposed to Antos and they were betrothed in a small ceremony in Tokyo, Japan. They elected to settle on Bajor and purchased a house in Dhakur Province. Antos was getting ready to resign his Starfleet commission when an Orb experience and a discussion with Vedek Frenair (a close friend of his adopted father) convinced him to stay in Starfleet.

A short while later, Antos requested reinstatement and transfer to the USS Washington with his new betrothed at his side.
Service Record 2368: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy.
2370: Received endorsement to try out for Nova Squadron but did not make the cut after crashing a training spacecraft on Mimas.
2370: Issued a formal reprimand and had flight privileges revoked for three months after accident investigation revealed Cadet Second Class Jaro Antos was attempting a dangerous and unauthorized flight maneuver.
2371: Transferred to Starbase 375 to complete 4th Year Cadet studies.
2372: Graduates Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign.
2372: Remains on Starbase 375 and is assigned as Support Craft Pilot.
2373: Completes Advanced Flying Training culminating in earning his fighter pilot wings and is assigned to the 31st Tactical Fighter Wing based on the USS Sinquay.
2374: Suffered significant but non-life-threatening injuries in Operation Return when his fighter was shut down in the battle to regain Deep Space 9.
2374: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2375: Requested transfer to the relief force sent to AR-558 in the Chin'toka system where he served as Support Craft Pilot.
2375: Evacuated from AR-558 by the IKS Ki'tang after the Federation Alliance's devastating loss leading the Dominion to retake the Chin'toka system.
2375: Re-assigned to the USS Sinquay as Flight Control Officer.
2375: Temporarily re-assigned to the 31st Tactical Fighter Wing and participated in the Battle of Cardassia, but his fighter was shut down and he crashed on Cardassia Prime's moon and was subsequently captured as a prisoner of war.
2375: After the Treaty of Bajor was signed, Antos along with other prisoners of war were released to the Federation.
2375: Relieved of duty and put on medical leave by the order of Captain Lucas Miles of the USS Sinquay based on the medical recommendation of the ship’s Chief Medical Officer and Counsellor.
2376: Received medical clearance to report to duty and is assigned as Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer on the USS Scylax.
2378: Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assumes the role of Chief Flight Control Officer of the USS Scylax.
2379: Requests and is granted an extended leave of absence from his Starfleet duties.
2380: Requests reinstatement and transfer to the USS Washington as Chief Flight Control Officer