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Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis

Name Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan / Risian hybrid
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 2in
Weight 9st 10lb
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Strong muscular body. Typical Vulcan ears but Risian facial features. Has extensive burn scars to back and left hand. Eye color turns from green to silver when emotional.


Spouse Seth Travis
Children Shasta T’ghann-Travis
Father Shoniara Adenkar [Vulcan]
Mother Liara Adenkar [Riasan]
Brother(s) Telvan Adenkar. CMDR Starfleet, exobiologist. Missing presumed dead
Other Family Bond sister to Vulcan Ambassador T’ghrek Son of T’ghkann.
Vulcan R’ustai bonding ceremony
Large old Shelagh. ‘Puss’.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Appears to be typical Vulcan, clinical until she gets to know people. Has initial difficulty in making friends but is fiercely loyal to those who earn her friendship and trust. Believes in the chain of command.
Strengths & Weaknesses Recovering addict Klingon narcotic J’heek initially used to fight pain due to burns sustained trying to rescue family during Romulan incursion Ensara.
Excellent clinical medical and organizational skills. Expert at Vulcan nerve pinch.
Fellow of Virology Ensara curing viral plague on Deshinta.
Can become over emotional at times.
Has been known to turn off holodeck safety’s whilst flying her F16.
Ambitions To cure every plague in the galaxies.
To no longer blame herself for her families deaths
To become more Vulcan and to live in peace with both sides of her nature
Hobbies & Interests Flying old 21st Century jets.
Plays Terran flute and Vulcan harp.
Keeps fit with bat’leth, Terran foil fencing.
Exploring Vulcan culture and attributes.
Practicing Vulcan neuro-pressure
Suus Mahna
Languages Klingon, Vulcan, Federation standard, Bolian, Risan (old and new form)

Personal History Shoniara was born in the city of Dogan on Riasa where her farther was the Vulcan attaché to the embassy there. Her mother Liara was an exobiologist teaching at the Dogan Academy of Science. Her younger years were spent between Vulcan and Risa until at the age of 12 her brother was sent to the Vulcan monastery of D’harda . Her behavior became uncontrollable and she was sent to Earth to live with her maternal grandfather. He taught her self control and instilled in her a love for animals, spirituality and encouraged her growing love for medicine she also became a proficient pilot loving to fly his collection of 21st century jet aircraft.

At age 20 on a visit to her parents on Riasa she met and fell deeply in love with and married [against her fathers wishes] Marc Duchev Dex a Betazoid Counseller. Their brief marriage led to the birth of their only child a girl they called Shasta. Whilst helping with the repatriation from Ensara’s third planet under attack from Romulans, she was unable to save her husband and daughter who despite trying she saw burned alive. Following their deaths she became withdrawn and depressed. She began addicted to the Klingon narcotic drug J’Heek for the pain of her burns sustained in the failed attempt to rescue her family. To this day she has refused reconstructive surgery for these and takes the pain with Vulcan mind control techniques. For a year she worked as a pilot for an ore consortium on the mining colony of Arcybite and spent most of her time drunk.’

Whilst there she met the Vulcan T’ghrek of the Vulcan house of Okann. They developed a friendship and he helped free her of her addiction through mind meld and Vulcan relaxation techniques. She in turn saved his life after an assassination attempt. He made her his bond sister. After another year she returned to earth to learn of the presumed death of her brother Telvan
Service Record Medical school New Nova Scotia.
Medical degree Fellow University of Nova Scotia.
Fellow of Emergent Medicine [Stafleet extended outlook program] Harvard.
Fellow of Virology Tushla Medical Center. Starfleet Exchange Program [until Romulan attack]

Starfleet medal of Honor for rescuing 70 colonists from Romulan attack on Ensara III Dominion War.

Degree in Psychology Starfleet medical. London England.
Degree in exobiology starlet Medical San Francisco.
Advanced degree in comparative languages. Harvard.
Degree in exoarcheology Vulcan exchange StarFleet .
Advanced degree in Emergent Medicine Star Fleet Medical

Medical Officer aboard USS Karelian. Cured viral plague on Trilota 2 Trilota Gold star award. ‘Fellow of Trilota Medical Academy.’