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Lieutenant Aiko Kato

Name Aiko Hinata Kato

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Aiko Kato is of average height with a tanned skin complexion. She has a slim build accentuated by the natural curves of her chest and rear. She has black hair that is usually kept short or tied up when she is on duty. Her dark brown eyes are piercing and typically do not miss much, but her greatest feature is the easy smile that is almost always on her face. She has a relaxed atmosphere about her and is generally perceived as being very approachable


Father Ambassador Sasuke Kato (Deceased)
Mother Ambassador Fumi Kato (Deceased)
Brother(s) Lieutenant Commander Haru Kato (Deceased)
Sister(s) Lieutenant Hinata Kato (Deceased)
Other Family Rear Admiral Jaro Kato - grandfather (Retired)
Captain Selene Kato – grandmother (Retired)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aiko Kato is a gentle soul who is eternally optimistic and tries to find the best in everyone and in every situation. She is intelligent and very dedicated and is often the centre of attention although not by choice as she is secretly an introvert. Her humour, intelligence and fair complexion has made her stand out among her peers. She can be stubborn although this has been tempered somewhat over the course of the Dominion War.

As an officer, Aiko is one of the best and brightest Starfleet has to offer. She is an exceptional pilot, holding a level five certification, including earning her wings as a trained combat fighter pilot.
Strengths & Weaknesses Aiko posses a natural intelligence that is infused with humour making her very likeable and approachable. She is quite competitive, particularly when it comes to proving her skills and proficiencies as a pilot.

Aiko is naturally reserved and can be something of a people pleaser, not quite sure how to say no. She is also quite empathetic and would go above and beyond to help others that may be in need, often at some cost to her own interests.
Ambitions Aiko hopes to earn a command of her own one day. She also hopes to helm as many starships as possible. Her current count to date is nineteen.
Hobbies & Interests Aiko loves spending time flying pretty much any aircraft. She loves a good holodeck program and is an avid runner.

Personal History Early Life
The Katos come from a long and distinguished history of military service dating back centuries, even well beyond the inception of Starfleet and the Federation. Aiko was born the last of three children to Federation Ambassadors Sasuke and Fumi Kato. Her parents had high hopes that she would not pursue a military career like her two older siblings and for a time Aiko did explore the sciences – astrophysics to be exact.

Aiko was always the intelligent one growing up and was gifted enough that she was offered the opportunity to skip grades but she adamantly refused, not wanting to be parted from her friends. As a pre-teen into her teenage years, Aiko was pretty wild and rebellious owing to the fact that her parents were rarely around due to their demanding schedules as Ambassadors.

As they were often off-world more times than not, Aiko was raised mostly by her grandparents who had retired from military service and settled in Tokyo, Japan. It was their stories of honour, duty and experience that shaped her interest in enlisting in Starfleet.

When she graduated secondary school, Aiko faced a tough choice between pursuing an astrophysics doctorate degree at Daystrom Institute and enlisting with Starfleet. With the help of her grandparents and siblings, Aiko enrolled at the Academy and successfully hid her enrolment from her parents for the entirety of her first year. When her parents found out, they were furious and for some time would not speak with her.

Starfleet Academy
In 2368, Aiko started her Starfleet career as a First Year Cadet. She quickly distinguished herself as an exceptional cadet and was often at the top of her class. Although initially intending to become a security officer, Aiko switched her career path to Flight Control when she discovered that she had a natural talent and affinity for it.

The Dominion War
By the time Aiko graduated in 2372, rumours of impending war between the Federation and the Dominion were prevalent, particularly after the Antwerp Conference was bombed. She elected to remain stationed at Starbase 175 after graduation but began advanced training in flight operations to increase her proficiency with multiple spacecraft. This training culminated in earning her fighter pilot wings in 2373 just as open war with the Dominion started.

The Dominion War was particularly hard on Aiko. She lost her father in the first opening salvos of the war and subsequently lost both her siblings and mother as well as several other extended family members and friends over the course of the war.

Nevertheless, Aiko made meaningful contribution to the war effort as a fighter pilot and participated in notable engagements such as Operation Return, both battles of Chin’toka, the Siege of AR-558 and the Battle of Cardassia.

In the last battle, which incidentally was the last major confrontation of the Dominion War, Aiko was captured by a Breen cruiser as a prisoner of war and was subjected to abuse. Fortunately, she was released a few days later when the Treaty of Bajor was signed.

Post-Dominion War

In the aftermath of the war, Aiko was sidelined to Earth on medical leave to address significant injuries she sustained and receive counselling to address significant mental health concerns. After she was cleared to return to duty, Aiko returned as a Flight Control Officer on board the USS Scylax which was tasked with dealing with the rampant piracy that emerged in the power vacuum created following the destitution of Cardassia.

In 2386 an opportunity came up to serve on board the Sovereign class starship USS Washington and Aiko requested a transfer to the ship.
Service Record 2368: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy.
2370: Became an official member of the Nova Squadron.
2371: Transferred to Starbase 175 to complete 4th Year Cadet studies.
2372: Graduates Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign.
2372: Remains on Starbase 175 and is assigned as Support Craft Pilot.
2373: Completes Advanced Flying Training culminating in earning his fighter pilot wings and
2374: Assigned to the 31st Tactical Fighter Wing based on the USS Sinquay.
2374: Suffered significant but non-life-threatening injuries in Operation Return when her fighter was shut down in the battle to regain Deep Space 9.
2375: Requested transfer to the relief force sent to AR-558 in the Chin'toka system where she served as Support Craft Pilot.
2375: Evacuated from AR-558 by the IKS Ki'tang after the Federation Alliance's devastating loss leading the Dominion to retake the Chin'toka system.
2375: Re-assigned to the USS Sinquay as Flight Control Officer.
2375: Temporarily re-assigned to the 31st Tactical Fighter Wing and participated in the Battle of Cardassia, but is captured as a prisoner of war.
2375: After the Treaty of Bajor was signed, Aiko along with other prisoners of war were released to the Federation.
2375: Relieved of duty and put on medical leave by the order of Captain Lucas Miles of the USS Sinquay based on the medical recommendation of the ship’s Chief Medical Officer and Counsellor.
2376: Received medical clearance to report to duty and is assigned as Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer on the USS Scylax.
2386: Reassigned to the USS Washington as Chief Flight Control Officer.