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Ensign T'Plana-hath

Name T'Plana-hath

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 54, but appears to be about 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5’8” (1.73m)
Weight 132 lbs. (60 kg)
Hair Color Long, Chocolate brown hair.
Eye Color Sea Green
Physical Description As with most Vulcans, T'Plana-hath is stronger than a human and maintains a prime physique, exercising regularly and practicing the Vulcan martial arts, keeping a logical balance of muscle to body fat ratio. Dark-haired and green-eyed, she stands at 1.72 meters tall (5ft 8in) and weighs in at slightly less than 60kgs (132lbs). T'Plana-hath comes from what some might consider a genetically gifted family when it comes to their appearance in that they all seem to have an ageless youthfulness to them even by Vulcan standards. It is not uncommon to mistake any member of her family to be a decade or several younger, than they actually are.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Tolaris (deceased)
Mother T'Shanik
Brother(s) Syrran
Sister(s) T ‘Penna (deceased)
Other Family Various Aunts, Uncles, Nephews, Nieces and Cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview T'Plana-hath is not the typical Vulcan when it comes to her personality. Due to her murdering of a cell of the Vulcan Isolationist Movement whom had killed her father and sister, she is no longer in complete control of her emotions and is known for brief exposures of what she's thinking and feeling. As far as a Vulcan can be, she is best described as perky, being an optimist, expecting the best in any situation, unless logic dictates no possible good outcome. While having learned to regain some control over her emotions during her time at the Monastery of Nirak in the Na'ree River Valley of Vulcan, she is not entirely able to hide them and an occasional smile has been witnessed, as has a frustrated scowl at a particularly aggravating problem. Ironically these moments irritate her to no end causing more small displays of emotion, however these are a huge improvement compared to how she had been the first few years after her returned from the Monastery of Nirak in the Na'ree River Valley of Vulcan.
Strengths & Weaknesses Str – Eidetic memory (photographic memory)
Str- High I.Q.
Str – Multitasker
Str – Extraordinary mental discipline
Weak – Struggles with her emotions.
Weak - Gets flustered when frustrated.
Weak - Aggression comes to her more naturally than panic
when threatened or over challenged.
Weak – Intolerant of terrorist groups, has a special intolerance
of the Vulcan Isolationist Movement
Ambitions To eventually become head of Star Fleet Intelligence
Hobbies & Interests Gourmet Cooking. Falconry. Swimming. Sailing. The Art of both Bonsai and Penjing. Horticulture. Sandpainting. Orienteering. Japanese Rock Garden/Zen Garden. Hiking. Rock climbing. Orbital Skydiving. Various activities and sports.

Personal History T'Plana-hath was born the middle child of Tolaris and T'Shanik of the House of T’Velar. Her father, Tolaris, was a Vulcan Ambassador. Her mother, T’shanik, runs the family estate and holdings. Her oldest sister, T ‘Penna, followed in their father’s footsteps and became a Vulcan Ambassador. Her youngest brother, Syrran, has become a much sought after artist in sand sculpture. As a child T'Plana-hath had difficulties controlling her emotions, but demonstrated high levels of intelligence. She barely was able to make it through her Tal T’Lee ritual. She pressed and was allowed to participate in Kahs-wan at the age of 10. She successfully completed the ritual of adulthood in 7 days. One month later she applied and was accepted to the Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts. She spent four years at the Institute immersing her self in Vulcan Unarmed and ancient weapon techniques, and seemed to have gained control over her struggle with her emotions. The truth however was that she learned to hide these emotions from her elders, they still roiled deep in her subconscious. At the age of 14 she applied to the Vulcan Science Academy and immediately devoted all her energy and thought process to her studies. She again demonstrated her unparallel intelligence, graduating with three Doctoral degrees. With considerable pestering by her parents and sister she attended the Vulcan School of Diplomacy, while she did not apply as much enthusiasm as she did with her other endeavors she did manage to graduate from the school and earn her red-colored badge marking her as a Troon-arr, or graduate of the school. While attending the Vulcan School of Diplomacy she came to the attention of T’Shank a highly placed V’Shar agent. She in turn brought T'Plana-hath to the attention of the head of the V’Shar, Sutok, as a potentially beneficial recruit to the V’Shar. Sutok took a deep dive into T’Plana-hath and her family. In T’Plana-hath he saw a potential protégée. He took the most unusual step of actively and personally recruiting her himself. He oversaw her training at V’Shar. She excelled in her training. She soon found herself assigned to the Vulcan Embassy on Andoria as a Diplomatic attaché, two years into her assignment she was challenged to an Ushaan (Duel of Honor) by a prominent Andorian politician, Bissoth Th’chathon, she accepted and won. She cut one of his antenna of and severely disfigured him. Even though the Andorians did not object and formally stated and congratulated her on her dueling technique, the Vulcan High Council and Sutok had her recalled back to Vulcan. She was then assigned to a Vulcan starship, T’Planves, patrolling and doing scientific research in Orion claimed space. After a three year tour she was reassigned to Earth (Terra) as a Diplomatic attaché to Star Fleet. She did a 4 year stent on Earth and then was recalled back to Vulcan. Back on Vulcan she assigned to V’Shar Headquarters to head up the Vulcan Intelligence bureau over seeing off world merchants, focusing on Ferengi and Orion merchants and any smuggling of Vulcan artifacts. Three years into her tour, her father and sister were killed in a terrorist attack at the Andorian Embassy on Vulcan. Preliminary investigations pointed to a radical splinter cell of the Vulcan Isolationist Movement. T'Plana-hath took a sabbatical from her duties to mourn. In truth she began an investigation of her own into the matter of the deaths of her father and sister. She eventually got a good lead on the hideout of the fugitives responsible for the act and tracked them down to Da’Kum’Ulcha the “City of Shadows”. There in a deep hidden cavern underneath the ruins she confronted and killed all six members responsible for her father and sisters death. She then set explosives and buried the cavern. She stumbled back to the surface covered in blood and dust, got into her hover vehicle and made her way to Sutok’s estate and collapsed at the gates. Sutok immediately had her brought into his estate and called for a healer he knew would be discreet in the matter. When T'Plana-hath had recovered enough to speak, she told Sutok exactly what she had done and where he could find the site. Sutok sent T’Shank to verify her story. When her story was verified discreetly Sutok and T’Shank decided to cover the incident up and pretend it never happened. Sutok was already under heavy scrutiny over the Vulcan Isolationist Movement and T’Shank was involved with one of the individual terrorist. T'Plana-hath mind was broken over the whole entire incident and Sutok made arrangements to have her sent to one of the very few Monastery of Nirak in the Na'ree River Valley of Vulcan. He logically concluded that given their philosophies the monks would be the best to help her recover her mind and a way to control her emotions and function once again in Vulcan society. Two years into her recovery T'Plana-hath resigned her commission in the V'Shar. After another two years of healing and tutelage of the monks T'Plana-hath made the decision to leave Vulcan and join Star Fleet. She was immediately accepted and she went to Earth and Star Fleet Academy, not once telling her family of her decision. She successfully made her way through the Academy and did a one year cadet cruise on the USS Tennessee. She was then assigned to the Outpost Quebec Alpha Space Station for two years. She then was reassigned to the USS Valhalla for three years. She has been assigned to the USS Nereid for two years and awaiting here next assignment. T'Plana-hath has served with distinction in Star Fleet with the majority of her work and mission classified. T'Plana-hath has not had contact with any of her family since the day she went on her rampage and murdered the six Vulcans.
Service Record Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts – Kareel-ifla (Vulcan Karate),
Ponn-ifla (Vulcan martial art), Taroon-ifla (Vulcan
Nerve Pinch), Ahn-woon, Lipra, Trillpa (Vulcan
Sword), Khaiya (Vulcan Longbow)
Khaiya-tal (Vulcan Zen archery)

Vulcan Science Academy –
Doctor of Computer Engineering (D.Sc.)
Doctor of Information Science (Ph.D.)
Doctor of Library Science (D.L.S.)

Vulcan School of Diplomacy – Speak/Read/Write at the
collegiate level: Federation Standard, Terran (English),
Alpha Centaurian, Andorian, Tellarit, Orion,and
Doctor of Diplomacy (Ph.D.)

V'Shar School –
Doctor of Terrorism and Counterterrorism Operations (Ph.D.)
Doctor of Strategic Intelligence (DSI)
Doctor of Science Explosive Engineering (Ph.D.)

V'Shar (Vulcan Bureau of Internal Security) Tours –
Andoria as a Diplomatic attaché, sent back to
Vulcan after accepting and winning an Ushaan
(Duel of Honor) against a prominent Andorian
VDF Starship T'Planves
Terra (Earth) Diplomatic attaché to Star Fleet
V’Shar Headquarters

Monastery of Nirak

Star Fleet Academy – Master of Science in Criminology
Master of Science Forensic Science
Master of Computer Forensics
USS Tennessee (Cadet Cruise): Steamrunner-class
Outpost Quebec Alpha Space Station
USS Valhalla: Akira-class starship
USS Swordfish: Akira-class starship