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Lieutenant JG Kate Kono

Name Kate Kono

Position Intelligence Officer

Second Position Support Craft Pilot

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 4'9"
Weight 70
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Short, very skinny, shoulder length black hair.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Left in the past
Mother Hannah Kono
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Inquisitive, mostly soft spoken, but moreover her personality prior to ending up in the 24th Century was mostly circumstantial and environmental. She left her last therapist far behind in the past and will never see her again so she’d going to need a new one despite things looking much better for her since the incident that brought her aboard the ship. She’s always kind to everyone though - even to people that don’t like her but despite her kindness, she doesn’t beat around the truth. Kate will tell you the truth as best she can even if she knows or things that it either can’t be handled or won’t be taken well and she tries to do this as kindly as possible. She tends to seclude herself and she’s trying to work her way out of her antisocial behaviors.
Strengths & Weaknesses Any system of any craft that she flies, she knows. Her best asset is her mind and she can come up with cunning ways to get out of strange situations, especially behind the stick as she will soon learn. However, if it’s not in the books, even if it’s a good idea, she often turns to her superiors to gain the confidence to do things that might otherwise be hailed as the next rival to the Ballentyne Manuver. Safety and review always comes first to her which sometimes holds her back from taking the big risks which is both a strength and a weakness. Outside of the cockpit, she’s likable, friendly, and a master manipulator of conflict avoidance. Likewise, her experience behind a phaser, which was something she never intended until her knowledge-base was boosted outside of her control by outside benevolent forces, is much desired despite her avoidance of violence.

She is an expert beyond reason with hand-to-hand combat, espionage, and infiltration, but she tries to make everyone forget it because she didn't want that skill or knowledge.
Ambitions She’s right where she wants to be in a brave new world and her ambition is to stay there, indefinitely. Although she will eventually often sneak off to the science lab for the latest scientific, archaeological, or cartographic catch that the crew runs into. She’s a pure explorer at heart and loves to fly amongst the stars in the smallest possible way. Of course, her career track got railroaded and flying shuttles is only part of what she does with the new career she never knew she wanted as an — INFILTRATION SPECIALIST?! If there are any true ambitions in her life, it would be to spend more time in an EVA suit without compromising her favorite position as a support craft pilot. She does not want to be a fighter pilot, however. She loves life in all of its forms and once again, she’ll avoid conflict but knows how to handle it if it needs to be done due to her training (some of which she didn’t want but she got thanks to someone special, once again, no need to thank me!’)
Hobbies & Interests Holodeck Adventures, the latest books, flying anything with a stick that doesn’t have guns, phasers, or torpedoes on it, making new friends, listening to music from all cultures, dancing, smiling, laughing, and loving life to its fullest. If she’s not behind the stick, she’s behind a book, training on the holodeck, or playing sports; anyone is always welcome to join — the more the merrier. She’s also comedic and loves to make people laugh but she’s always worrying that one persons laugh is another persons trigger since comedy is severly subjective. Having been born in 2005, she is an alien to a world even around Humans and doesn’t have many people she can share what she was used to sharing with, so she will be going through transition to the century.

Personal History In 2005, she was born in Fallon, Nevada and lived the life of an Asian family with ambition. Despite the fun family outings, Kate was incouraged to be the absolute best at everything she had an interest in by her father most of all and that kind of pressure led to a family life where she often felt inadaquate and pressured out of things that she loved due to a constant necessity to be the best at anything she chose as an interest or hobby. Since sports wasn’t something that she would get a Scholorship with by any means due to her underweight status in most arenas of the High School Athletics, she was able to hold onto the ability to be active physically without the watchful eyes of her parents — her father, most of all.

In High School, she accelled in all her courses with a perfect GPA because coming home with anything under an A was unacceptable to both of her parents. Once Kate made the decision that she wanted to apply for the Airforce Academy to become a Fighter Pilot her personal ambitions finally alligned with her fathers, whom also happened to be working for a military contractor. Unfortunately, something happened and her father was fired from the corporation he worked for and the blowback for the consequences was so bad that Kates own future clearances would be affected. With High School over, and some mid-level scholorships still available to her, she moved out of the house to avoid the shame of what her father had done afterall, her dreams of becoming a Fighter Pilot were crushed indirectly by a simple mistake her father had made that couldn’t even be disclosed. Mistake or not, Kate still loved them both but the family was never the same months after the incident, Kate asked to move to a secluded piece of land across the United States to work on Online College Courses with her scholorship.

Kate changed her decision for a major from Aeronautical Engineering, to Forestry with intent on landing a meager job as a Forestry Service worker in North Carolina. The land was simple; a few acres sitting on a lake that boarders the state of Virginia, on a small houseboat that was three times as old as she was. The future was looking bleak and part of her agreement of moving to this secluded spot in the middle of nowhere, North Carolina, was to see a therapist once a month and continue her studies online. She met with her therapist and she recommended, due to the seclusion, that she find hobbies that involved some sort of human interaction. Having obtained low-quality internet out in ‘the sticks’, Kate not only get set up with her courses using a terrible piece of technology called Distance Learning, she got into reading fan fiction for a television show that she enjoyed when she was much younger. She noticed that someone made mention to a virtual fleet, which led her to a website full of people that were writers.

In an irony at the time, they were working on a story in which an all-seeing being brought the writers into the series to take over the characters that they had created. When suddenly — an unexpected guest appeared. The next thing she knew, she was transported to what she momentairly considered a fictional relm in which she was given a choice to leave her disappointing life behind for as long as she was willing to insert herself into the fiction. With concerns about her reality, Q explained to her that she would have been a fool to think that the reality she came from was the base-reality in a series of elaborately woven fictional avenues of artificial creation in the first place. As confusing as this concept was for Kate, she made the decision to cross over after working with this mystery being from a reality she thought wasn’t even real, yet, set in a future where she could actually look forward to something in her life. To choose between a meager living on a houseboat from 1971 surrounded by woods or the nearly dead, or to live a life of adventure in space where she could meet people she could interact with and lead a life where she could use her skills, was an easy answer.

She had to work on her service record and suddenly, she would be transported to seal the deal. Part of the deal: If the fiction ever went stagnant and nobody was left to continue the simulation in the world that she came from, he’d take care of her before her reality vanished around her; otherwise, she’d live in the reality for as long as it lasted.

Q leaned over the young girls shoulder and pointed at the screen.
“And all you have to do is finish out the finer details of your characters knowledge… Right here…” She looked at the tip of his finger under a blank box that stated “Service Record”

“Why are you doing this?” Kate asked. “I don’t understand. What’s the deal in doing this for me?”
Q smiled at her wickedly as she looked at him with suspense.
“… you just happened to join part of this in the middle of my fun. You were either going to be an interruption or not so you might as well just finish the service record. Unless you want to grow old out here, on a boat, with no life other than dressing up as a forrest ranger…”

Kate sighed, shrugged and nodded before turning toward the screen.
“This is some Twilight Zone stuff, you know that?”
“I could put you there if you like…”
“NO!” Kate was quick to intervene.

She typed in two simple lines and pushed the laptop to the young smug man. He looked it over and shook his head.
“I gave you the ability to give yourself anything you wanted… Come on! You Humans are so unimaginative!”
Kate pulled the computer back toward her and typed between the two lines.

“You could have been the Executive Officer, you know…” Q crossed his arms and leaned against the pantry attached to the half-century old hull of the houseboat. He looked down at her with disappointment. Kate knew the look well, even coming from a character she couldn’t believe was real, despite being real enough to skip false realities on a whim.

“You’re kinda cute…” Kate added.
“Well, on that note you skinny flat little thing…”
Kate squinted as a sudden flash of light emenated around her after the young man snapped his fingers and she found herself somewhere she couldn’t even believe on her new, better journey in life. Her head buzzed with knowledge she never actually learned as she identified objects, systems, software, and notions of how everything fit together with an unusual ease. She was in a shuttle bay, in a world — a — universe — that shouldn’t really exist. Her lips parted and her jaw dropped a little as she realized, this was really happening.

“Welcome to your new life, kid.” Q’s voice surrounded her but she didn’t see him.
“Wowwww” Kate gasped.
“I added a little something to boost your confidence levels on that Service record for you. No need to thank me but you’re not much more valuable than you gave yourself credit for.”
Service Record 2382 - Entered Starfleet Academy in a Dual Study Program
Specialized in Flight School, Interstellar and Anomalous Navigation Properties.
Received the Starfleet Certificate of Excellence in Small Craft Mastery.
Top Scores in mobile Extra Vehicular Activity
2386 - Graduated as an Officer and Assigned to the USS Washington at the rank of Ensign.