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Lieutenant Tedrum Savat

Name Tedrum Savat

Position Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 174

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 160
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Average height but a slim and wiry build. One would almost say he had the build of a gymnast. Dark hair framed an almost aristocratic face and piercing blue eyes. Looking much younger than his 174 years would imply.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Zorin Savat
Mother Diala Savat
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lialra Savat
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview A war hardened veteran with little tolerance for foolishness. Battle weary and sometimes haunted by nightmares and memory of the past. Yet resolute and duty bound giving a hundred percent to everything he does.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Strong Willed
Great in a Crisis
Jack of all trades
Detail oriented

Blames himself when things go wrong
Private and reserved
Difficult to relax
Ambitions To carry out his duties and protect not only the Federation but the rest of his people that live inside and outside of Federation borders. Also, to be the first to pilot through and map regions of space yet unknown.
Hobbies & Interests Music both instrument and singing
Science and engineering as it relates to astrodynamics, astrophysics, and astrometrics

Personal History Tedrum Savat was born on El-Auria in 2223. He was a curious child always wanting to learn something new or explore things that had never been seen by another. He liked to take things apart and see how they worked. He also tried to see if it could do more than what it was intended for. Growing up he did well in school and showed a fascination for all things science and technology related. He went to college and graduated in the top five percent of his class in Unified Field Theory and Engineering.

He became an engineer on a transport frigate. However, he could never stand to just fix something. He always had to tinker with it and try to make it better, more refined. He excelled in the sciences as well so he was always researching and tinkering. Much to the chagrin of his captain and fellow crew. He traveled the galaxy on the frigate and came upon the Federation. As a curious person he inserted himself into the Federation and joined starfleet.

It was here that he found new ways of engineering and new knowledge of the sciences. It would seem that the shorter lived races made discoveries by leaps and bounds because they always pushed the limits in their research. El-Aurians by comparison made sure things were safe and looked at all angles before taking a step forward with research given their long lives. Granted this made for more in-depth study but meant that actual discoveries were sometimes centuries in coming by comparison.

The year 2251, the place, Axanar. Tedrum was an engineering officer supporting the USS Constitution under the command of Captain Garth. The cold war with the Klingons had already been going for some time. This time however, a spark was lit. The Consitution came under fire from two D5 class and one D7 class Klingon warships. Through a bit of luck and a crazy maneuver that had only been proven in theory by the Consitution gave them the victory. Five short years later the Klingon empire would lauch a full offensive and start the war between the Federation and the Empire. During the war Tedrum was decorated and promoted for his outside of the box ideas and quick thinking during crisis situations.

In 2265 he got word of the Borg having attacked El-Auria. He wanted to immediately ship off and protect them. Unfortunately, that word also came with photographic evidence of the destruction on the planet. His heart ached and he locked himself away for several days. Over the next several months information would slowly creep in. Millions dead and names of those that survived were not in ready supply. Finally he found out that his parents had been killed but his younger sister survived. He purchased a home on Earth for her to live in safety.

In 2298 Tedrum retired from Starfleet. He’d put in fifty years of service and retired at the rank of commander. He felt he had done his time and wanted to spend some time with his sister as well as carrying on a few other pursuits that he just didn’t have the time for while on duty.

In 2345 Tedrum re-enlisted with Starfleet. He was anxious to get back out into the stars and his sister was doing well. He had kept up somewhat with engineering and science while he was out and this time felt the sciences had more pull than engineering. He was sent through a refresher in the academy and was assigned to Starbase 211 near the Federation border with the Cardassian Union. Though be it at a severely reduced rank from his time out of service. From 2345 to 2360 he helped with the science to develop deep range scanning and other advancements to help ships and the starbase keep an eye on the border with the Cardassian Union.

In 2360 he was recalled from the border. He was placed as an instructor at the academy. Not for science or engineering but for history. At this point he was the only person still living outside of some Vulcans that had first hand knowledge and experience of events in Federation history. For the next eight years he would teach the next generations of officers for the Federation so they might learn from the history and not repeat it. Unfortunately, such peace was not to last.

2366-2367 came the Borg Incursion which culminated in the battle of Wolf 359. When the fleet was called to protect earth Tedrun left the academy and transferred to the USS Endeavour. It was here he got his first taste of the possibility of being an operations officer as he used his knowledge of both science and engineering to help with rotating shield frequencies and harmonics as well as keeping a tight control over the structural integrity field with assisted with the Endeavour being the only ship other than the Enterprise to survive that battle. After the battle he returned to the Academy.

He heard first rumors about conflicts around Deep Space Nine with something called the Dominion. Then the rumors became fact. In 2373 he requested transfer back to active duty on a ship where his skills would be of most use. The war broke out in earnest and Tedrum was there on the USS Venture, taking Dominion forces head on where they were able to. For the next two years he would see near constant combat action. He would take over as the acting assistant chief operations officer when they were killed in an engagement as there were no other qualified officers to do so. He was decorated twice more during the war for his leadership and effectiveness in combat operations as he strove in his position to keep the ship running efficiently as well as developing tech that could be implemented quickly to heighten the survivability of the ship and its crew.

After the war ended in 2375 he was returned to the academy as an instructor. He did his best to teach as he had. Yet he had gotten a full taste for operations and applied for training in that field. He went through the academy as a part time student and part time teacher. He graduated with full honors and remained teaching for a time. However, after a while he began to get antsy. He wasn't cut out for a desk job. His race was that of wanderers and explorers. He applied for a transfer to a starship and it was granted.
Service Record 2248: Graduated Academy
2249-2257: USS Constitution, Consitution Class (Engineering Officer)
2257-2298: Various ships and starbases (Engineering Officer)
2298: Retired from Starfleet
2345: Re-enlisted with Starfleet (Retraining as a science officer)
2347-2360: Starbase 211 (Science Officer)
2360-2366: Starfleet Academy (History Instructor)
2366-2367: USS Endeavour (Science Officer and acting Asst Chief of Operations)
2367-2373: Starfleet Academy (History Instructor)
2373-75: USS Venture, Galaxy Class (Asst Chief Operations Officer)
2375-2397: Starfleet Academy, (Operations instructor)