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Commander Jonathan Grayson

Name Jonathan Thomas Grayson

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color black
Eye Color hazel blue
Physical Description Lean and toned like a rapier. Well proportioned. Alert eyes


Spouse Callie Raven- Grayson
Children Harry Grayson (adopted)
Father Steven Grayson,
Mother Tricia Grayson
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Tanya
Other Family Various aunts and uncles

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jonathan or Jon to his friends is honest and hard working. He is especially critical of himself when he feels he has failed in a task.

He is loyal to his friends and superiors and would do anything for them. He only has one rule. Don't lie to him. If you do and he finds out, you can kiss your friendship good bye.

Strengths & Weaknesses Jon has a wonderful sense of humor as a boy he always had a joke or a story to tell even now he has been known to tell a childhood story to make a point.

He also suffers from a shortage of patience and can get agitated when he has to wait. He tries meditating but becomes irritated when it doesn't work.
Ambitions To have his own command. To one day settle down, get married and have a family
Hobbies & Interests Jon has been studying the ancient art of Ke-ta-yatar - an ancient Vulcan fighting style designed to kill for 7 years and has obtained the title of Trensu - master. He is continuing his training to become a Pid-trensu -- high master.
Jon is an accomplished Illusionist and a voracious reader of anything he can get his hands on He also builds models in his spare time. Also keeps his 'eye ' by occasionally going to the range and doing some shooting. Fly when he can find the time.

Personal History Jon was born in the Bronx section of New York and is very much a city
boy. At an early age he learned to play the 'dozens' slang for conning
some one. He became quite adept at it.
His parent's were honest hard working folks, His mother, a stay at
home mom. She took care of the house and his dad, sister and himself.
His father was a professor if history at Columbia University.
Jon was raised with great love being present in the house. He and his
sister may not have gotten everything they wanted but they never
lacked for anything and they were always loved.

Personality Profile:
Honest, caring, compassionate yet can be as steel hard and just as
unrelenting when he feels he's right on an issue or a topic. He was
taught by his parents to stand up for what he believed in and to never
sacrifice his principles. Those beliefs have kept Jon in good stead
through the years.

Jonathan attended standard secondary and high school. Upon his graduation
from high school, he applied for and was accepted into Starfleet
Academy. Jonathan took to the courses like a fish to water. He excelled in
command and science. He was also a member of the Academy's rifle team
and was most proficient in the use of the old style weapon.

At the Academy he met and fell in love with Callie Raven, they married. She became pregnant but had a miscarriage and lost the baby. A huge argument broke out where Callie thought Jon blamed her for the loss of their baby (he didn't) and she stormed out. Divorce papers were signed but unknown to either of them never filed.

While serving on the Independence he met and fell in love with Estella "Essie" Stratton. She broke the relationship off but he still loves her. Now she is back in his life serving as counselor aboard the Washington. Their relationship has become close and they are considered a couple. Or were until Essie was severely injured on an away mission Jon was leading. Her injuries were so severe she was placed in stasis and sent back to Earth for treatment of her injuries. Jon feels tremendously guilty over Essie's injuries though they weren't his fault.

Then fate played its hand and Callie was assigned to the Washington as its new chief counselor. To say Jon was surprised was an understatement, one further magnified when Callie told them they were still married. After getting over the shock, Callie moved in with him and he discovered he still loved her (and she him) Now, they are happily together and have adopted a son Harry.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
USS Athena, Ensign, security officer
USS Independence, Lt.jg. security officer
USS Constitution, Lt.- assistant security chief
USS Serling, Lt. Commander, chief of security
Present ----- USS Washington, Commander, Executive Officer