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Lieutenant Inara Senn

Name Inara Senn

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid (Alindari)
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 122 lbs
Hair Color Red Long, French Braid
Eye Color Sky Blue
Physical Description Inara is a very closed off woman from first glance, very professional and by-the-book. She prefers to be quiet and let others speak. There is a reclusive stance about her. Physically, she is a very wholistic woman. She has combat training, though she will not reveal too much about herself. One could mistake her for a romulan for how protected she is. However there are scars from a Klingon Painstick across severa parts of her body. Mostly nerve clusters.


Spouse Josephine Carlyle (Seperated, and she will not speak of it.)
Father Lord Cyrus Salannis an Vantar
Mother Lady Alethiea Salannis an Krista
Brother(s) Doran Salannis an Verasan
Sister(s) Kirasanna Salannis an Vantar
Other Family Cousin Empress Alena Althir IV

Personality & Traits

General Overview Inara is a mystery most are not ready for, and much of her file is classified. She is reserved but professional and does not speak very often. Even to other betazoids, she is closed off and protective, a strange thing to the betazoids who meet her, and find it hard to believe she is betazoid.

She is modestly social, and almost as stoic as a vulcan, though she does have emotions, she does not let them out very often. She can be cold at times to people. For example, if someone needed to talk about events in their lives, she'd point them to the ship's counselor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Inara is extremely intelligent and her wholistic lifestyle has given her a fit and well maintained body. She also skiilled in combat, having need to fight very recently in the Dominion War. She's a good shot, but an artist with a blade.

However, she's not a people person, she used to be, but she'll push away attempts at a Romantic relationship. But in reality she wants to love again, and would give anything to be reunited with the person she truly loves, deep inside, though she knows that may be impossible The scars with Inara Sen are always on the inside except for an array of painstick scars across her body that she will not speak of.

But there's one thing that enrages her beyond rational thought; Slavers. Orion Slavers, anyone who exploits others. She will not explain why, as Inara is a woman of secrets.
Ambitions Inara would like nothing better than to hang any and every slaver in the galaxy by their own chains. But she doesn't want to feed that rage inside her.
Hobbies & Interests Science is Inara's hobby, as well as painting. There's nothing she loves more than the beauty of exploring the galaxy.

Personal History There is much about Inara Sen that is classified by order of the Department of Temporal Investigations. Suffice it to say, her official history begins when she appeared in 2370. And she is under direct orders from Starfleet Command, superseding even an Admiral's authority, never to talk about or reveal in any way. Directly or indirectly, future events. In summary, she is from about twenty to thirty years in the future. However, the official line is, she is from House Sen of Betazed and was raised as an adoptive daughter from the Demlilitarized Zone Colonies after a Cardassian Raid.

Her Starfleet File begins with the war as a Lieutenant, and she has fought bravely. Strangely her service jacket includes some of the Federation's highest decorations for Valor, some were earned by unknown circumstances, others were obtained in battle against the Dominion. Recently, until the war ended, she wask awared with the Karagite Order of Heroism.

Service Record Service Record Classified (Temporal Affairs)

USS Victorious, Chief Science Officer

USS Syracuse, Chief Science Officer

USS Washington-E, Chief Science Officer