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Ensign Torog Zakhov

Name Torog Zakhov

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Tellarite
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1
Weight 322 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Black flecked with Yellow
Physical Description Torog has the porcine features of a Tellartie. With long scraggly beard and messy long blond hair. Torogs Starfleet Uniform, with engineering jacket, sits over a large frame, and not a very fit one. Torog always seems to have messy dirty blond hair, and oil smudges in his beard. . Torog can normally be found carrying or wearing his tool belt over his portly belly.


Spouse None
Father Torak Zakhov
Mother Annafaya Zakhov
Brother(s) Tarogin Zakhov
Sister(s) Fydora Zakhov

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like every Tellerite Torog enjoys a good argument. Torog is a colourful character with gregarious mannerisms and chortling belly laugh. He has a quick wit and a sense of humour that has gotten him in trouble once or twice. Torog has had a natural gift for all things mechanical, but sometimes fails to apply himself. Torog is a bit of a happy go lucky type who enjoys earth vodka, games of strategy and finding a bargain. He lacks practical deep space experience, having only recently finished starfleet academy training and his first posting being at the Mars Utopia Planitia dockyards working on upgrading the warp cores on starships.
Strengths & Weaknesses Torog has a keen mind for mechanical engineering and warp physics. But lacks experience both in life and in Starfleet. Torog is not really the physical type and his combat and phaser skills are limited to what he learnt in basic Starfleet training. Torog is both envious and fed up with Dominion War veterans, having spent a lot of time under tutelage of veterans, he is acrimonious of their stories and boasting but envious of their experience,
Ambitions To build a Successful engineering and starfleet career away from the influence of his family. Help build and design a new Federation Colony
Hobbies & Interests Torog enjoys games of strategy, politics, playing the Tellerite Ogan, history, model building and painting, Vodka.

Personal History The Zakhov family has a long and extensive political history both on their homeworld of Tellar and on the Federation Council. The Zakhov line can even trace an ancestor to an early Federation Presidential seat. Torog’s Father is an elected Tellar Province Governor, with an eye set on a Campaign to become President of Tellar. Torog’s mother is a Federation ambassador. Torog’s sister is assistant to the Tellarite Federation Councillor. Even his brother is Mayor of Agora City on Tellar Prime. So when Torog told his family that he had no interest in getting into politics and in fact wanted to get out on his own from under his family's shadow it did not go well. After many arguments, many many arguments, after all they are Tellerites, Torog finally convinced his family that he could get out into the universe on his own merits.. The question was how? This had come up prevalently in his debates with his Father, who, although had agreed, had asked often how he was going to make it on his own?

Torog’s response was a simple one. Starfleet. Torog was wasn’t one to wistfully stare into the night sky and dream of exploration and deep space, But he did like structure and organisation and with some half decent grades in his back pocket from the University of Telemachus in structural engineering Torak set his sites on Starfleet Academy.

Torogs Starfleet Academy training was very on the Job. The Dominion war started a few months into his first year at the Academy and Starfleet losses grew, manpower became a finite resource. As such he found he spent most of his informative cadet years doing on the job training in a damage control team, based up in Earth space dock, supporting in getting ships quickly repaired as best they could and getting them back to the front line.
Service Record Starfleet Academy; Earth, San Francisco, Specialising in Engineering
Utopia Planitia: Station 6, Upgrade and refurbishment projects.