The rules of this sim are simple.

1. You will respect your fellow players. We all contribute to the story, and that includes writing material for various characters as we each feel comfortable doing. If you plan on writing for another player's character you need to be familiar with the character and do nothing with it that would be seen completely out of character or cannot be undone.

2. While it is understood that this is a game, it lives by the use of the players. As such, players are expected to remain active and post at least once a week. If real life makes this difficult notify the CO or XO and arrangements can and will be made.

3. While creativity is key and happily encouraged, please keep in mind that this ship is canon-based. The acceptable canon material is from ENT, TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and the first 10 Trek films. Nothing from the JJverse or beyond at this time is canon for the sake of this sim.

4. The rating for this sim is a hard PG-13. Just like in films, a lot of material fits into that sort of rating. This is Trek, not a Tarantino bloodfest (as fun as those might be) nor is it fantasy porn or B-movie softcore. Use your brain and be considerate before you post things. The CO will let you get away with plenty, but know where the line is and stay on the good side of it.

5. Characters are meant to be mortal and fallible. No player shall be allowed to play a race or character that appears godlike (no Q or other such). Original characters are welcome and encouraged, but must be reviewed and approved by the CO. Alterations may be suggested before approval, and abilities should not be added after the fact.

6. Ship rules shall be implemented by the CO and XO by their discretion. Flexibility for the sake of creativity is always worth reviewing. Fleet rules are in effect and coincide with ship rules.

7. Perhaps most importantly, have fun!