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September Awards

Posted on Sun Oct 4th, 2020 @ 4:13pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

September was a nice month for us all. We wrapped a mission and then ran another short mission that most seemed to get involved with. Here are our monthly awards, which will now compete at the fleet level. Great job everyone.

Best: Cmdr Jonathan Grayson, Cmdr Samantha Howard, & Cmdr Estella Stratton "The Counselor is In"

Funniest: Cmdr Samantha Howard & Cmdr Jonathan Grayson "Shenanigans"

Genesis: Capt Shran dh'Klar "heart of the Federation"

Most Posts: 11; Cmdr Samantha Howard

Rookie: N/A

Recruitment: N/A

Most Improved: Cmdr Estella Stratton - the counselor continues to put forward deep thought provoking material that mixes true drama with the regular action, adventure, and romantic aspects. Her versatility continues to improve.

MVP: Cmdr Samantha Howard - The doctor continues to push forward with excellent material, mixing in solo and group work, keeping plots moving forward and mixing in action and humor well.


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