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August Awards

Posted on Thu Sep 2nd, 2021 @ 6:34pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

August was a crazy month/ Things started slow but then exploded with activity. As we push into this new mission I look forward to seeing the energy to keep things moving. Below are the monthly awards. As always, our winners here will go on to compete at the fleet level. Best of luck in that endeavor, and congrats to the winners.

Best Post (solo): Cmdr Jonathan Grayson "Not so Sweet Goodbye"

Best Post (Group): Cmdr Jonathan Grayson & Cmdr Samantha Howard "Where Do We Go from Here?"

Funniest Post: Lt jg Shoniara T'ghann Dex "A Walk in the Night"

Genesis: Capt Shran dh'Klar "Never Turn Your Back on the Breen"

Most Posts: Cmdr Jonathan Grayson; 7

Rookie: Lt jg Shoniara T'ghann Dex

Recruitment: N/A

Most Improved: Ensign James Phoenix - Our intrepid tactical officer gave us solid insight into the Mirror Universe all while working with the other members of the crew and giving us personal insight into his character.

MVP: Cmdr Jonathan Grayson - Our XO had a rough month in character, but it allowed for some excellent posts. Working with others as well as solo posts showed excellent writing skills and a huge array of emotions.


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