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With Help From Friends

Posted on Fri Jun 19th, 2020 @ 3:15pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

Hey everyone, read the following if you like.

I have been in the fleet since the beginning, but Shran is the longest running active character I have. I have reached this milestone in the article because of so many great people, people like all of you. Simming is something that allows us all to delve into a world we all seem to love, and I appreciate all of you that seem to enjoy doing so with me by your side. Being a captain has challenges many are unprepared for, but thankfully I have a crew that genuinely enjoys writing together and that makes the job easy. I look forward to many fun tales told together to come.

Capt Shran

PS Julia, I seem to have a record with you that just needs the tie broken. LOL No hard feelings.


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