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January Awards

Posted on Sat Feb 4th, 2023 @ 3:14pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

January has come and gone and we find ourselves looking forward to what February might bring. We were slowed by much of the crew dealing with personal matters (which happens), but I am hopeful that we will be able to really jump into some things in the new month. Below are the January Awards, and as always I want to congratulate our winners and wish them well as our nominees for the Fleet level awards.

Best Post (solo): N/A

Best Post (JP): Cmdr Jonathan Grayson, Lt Cmdr Shoniara T'ghann-Travis, Lt Cmdr Callie Raven-Grayson, & Ens James Phoenix "Arrival at NASA"

Funniest Post: Cmdr Samantha Howard & Lt Ayana Hillis "Moral Dilemma"

Genesis: N/A

Most Posts: Cmdr Samantha Howard; 4

Recruitment: N/A

Rookie: N/A

Most Improved: Lt Cmdr Callie Raven-Grayson - Our counselor really worked hard this month with excellent work in group fashion as well as managing to get character development in for both herself and others.

MVP: Cmdr Samantha Howard - Our CMO kept things moving steadily all month and even found ways to inspire new ideas as we moved through the current mission.


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