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September Awards

Posted on Wed Oct 4th, 2023 @ 2:23pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

And just like that another month has passed. September wasn't our best month as far as posting totals, but we did have some very involved posts that had some deep meaning, and dark themes. We seem to be on the back half of the mission I think, and I fully expect us to finish the mission this month before moving on to something new. Looking forward to a spooktacular October. Below are the September awards. I wish to congratulate our winners and wish them the best of luck representing us at the fleet level.

Best Post (solo): Cmdr Jonathan Grayson "We Are Decided"

Best Post (group): Cmdr Jonathan Grayson & Lt Ayana Hillis "Shadow Tactics"

Funniest Post: Cmdr Jonathan Grayson "A Human Question"

Genesis: N/A

Most Posts: Cmdr Jonathan Grayson; 5

Rookie: Lt Tedrum Savat

Recruitment: N/A

Most Improved: Lt Nicole Logan - The return of the CTO has shown a renewed desire to rekindle the simming spirit.

MVP: Cmdr Jonathan Grayson - Our XO has been smack dab in the middle of seemingly everything this month as he presses the plot forward, working in both group and solo efforts and playing multiple NPCs. A truly sterling effort.


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