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Long distance relationship

Posted on Fri Jul 24th, 2020 @ 4:36pm by Lieutenant Michael Stonebridge

Once Stonebridge came out of the briefing, with his CO, he took a deep breath and headed to the Intelligence Office on the ship. It was time for him to brush up on temporal mechanics. There were far too many things that could go wrong. Not least of all them ending up in a time other than their own and not being able to get back or worst dying in the process.

He knew what he signed up for before he got here. He was an Intel Officer. They put it on the line everyday. The only thing he would miss would be Siri. He had literally learned the definition of Love in her eyes!

As he entered Intel, he walked over to the communications console. “Give me the room.” He said loud enough for everyone in there office to hear. As soon as they were all gone. He tapped the console and brought up top secret sub space channels. “Computer secure an encrypted channel to Risa. Authorisation Stonebridge Alpha 3 Sierra Epsilon. “
There were some sounds and the channel was cleared. “Secure SCIFF. “ and the room went dark and lit in all purple lighting. Michael tapped a few buttons and Siri’s face showed up on the screen.

“Hello my love. I trust you are well!” She started.

“It’s good to see you love. I just wanted you to know that once we return, I’d like to come see you.” He stated

“That would be lovely. I look forward to it.”

“Ok. So I’m going to go. I’ve had my fix and I’ll be careful and return to you.” Said Michael

“Be sure you do. I may have a surprise for you.” She said. He was intrigued but he would let that intrigue bring him home.

“I love you with all that I am.” Said Michael and they looked at each other lovingly until the picture on the screen faded. He released the room to normal operations and mentally prepared himself to guide his people through what was to come.

Lt Michael Stonebridge
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Washington E


Ex Orion citizen
Based on Risa


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