Lost & Found

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The Washington comes across the adrift USS Daystrom, an Oberth class vessel that was reported lost nearly 75 years ago. The ship appears deserted, no trace of the crew, but all systems are fully functional, though running on minimal power, Further mystery abounds when a second vessel, the USS Henry Hudson, a Constellation class vessel also reported lost 50 years ago is found nearby in identical condition. Can the crew of the Washington determine what happened to the crews of the ships? Are they in equal danger?

Man & Machine

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The Washington encounters a Class-M world that is similar to Earth with a large radioactive signature. Upon scanning the planet from orbit, they determine that the planet is suffering from nuclear winter, the result of a nuclear war. Perhaps more intriguing, they detect human life signs. When they are unable to contact anyone on the surface, they attempt to shuttle down to a large human concentration only to be fired upon by cybernetic creatures who are at war with the humans.

Suzie Q

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The Washington comes to aid the planet Talawuth, which is suffering from an ecological disaster after a massive radioactive meteor impacted the planet. While rendering assistance and studying where the meteor originated, they encounter a Q who calls herself Amanda Rogers, who warns the crew that the meteor strike was no mistake, and it is only the beginning of a larger problem for the planet and its inhabitants.

Cead Mile Failte

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The Washington, while tracking a stellar core fragment, detects an unknown colony on a Class-M planet. When they investigate, they are warmly greeted by the people of the colony, who are all of Irish descent. The stellar core fragment threatens the colony and the planet as a whole, but the colonists insist there is nothing to worry about. With a bit of prodding and some investigation, it is determined that these people are protected by the Tuatha, the ancient Celtic gods, most notably Dagda and Danu, and Morrigan.

Genetic Purity

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The Washington encounters what appears to be a pair of Earth vessels from the mid 21st century in orbit around an unexplored M-class planet. A civilization on the planet appears to be human, but it is only when it is too late that they learn that these humans are descended of Nazi eugenicists and believe in human perfection.

The Andromeda Strain

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The Washington is paired with the USS Andromeda to investigate temporal fissures that are localized in an uncharted region of space outside all government's spheres of influence. While studying the fissures both ships are attacked by unknown vessels that seem to be from various time periods and from various cultures, and somehow both ships become infected with an unknown pathogen that seems capable of shifting through time.

Time Bandits

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A group of time travelers infiltrate and take over the Washington in hopes of altering history to their benefit. The crew of the Washington must fight to regain control of the ship and keep the timeline from being altered, if they can.

Damn Dirty Apes

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As Jon and Callie are returning from a diplomatic conference, they crash on an Earth-like planet controlled by an ape species that demand Jon and Callie give them all their technology to advance their society.

Hard Earned Peace

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The peace talks with the Kilrathi and the humans of the New Liberty colony take place on the Washington, but it becomes quickly obvious that agreeing to peace will be far easier in theory than actuality. Making things even more complicated is the return of a powerful entity, Hela, who has unfinished business with the crew of the Washington, and she is in a far less playful mood this time.

Writing the Q Cards

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The son of Q appears on the Washington to amuse himself. When Captain Shran informs him they don't have time for his childish games, he decides to make some of the crew capable of just that by replacing them with alternates from another universe that look remarkably like the real people writing the characters.

Unknown Colony

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The Washington while on patrol detects a distress signal of ancient origin. It seems to be coming from what is supposed to be an inhabited planet. Further investigation finds a colony fighting against an unknown enemy.

Living History

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The Washington is pulled through time and space and finds itself in the Sol system in the year 2023, as NASA prepares to launch Artemis 2 early. They also find that the Red Dragon mission, the SpaceX manned missions to Mars are about to launch, a full 6 years sooner than they are supposed to. With both of these historical inaccuracies present, the crew of the Washington must determine the cause of these historical blips and attempt to correct history, all while remaining undetected and avoiding additional temporal incursions.

Unto Darkness, Light

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The Washington, now completely refitted is sent into a remote region of space deep into the Beta Quadrant on the edge of Federation space to do a routine patrol, check on the colonies, and deliver new crew for the outpost in the sector. But something or someone watches them in the darkness, wishing to extinguish them and the light that is the Federation.

A Trip to Middle Earth

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The crew takes some time in the holodeck per the captain's orders for relaxation and a chance to bond the new crew and the old together. But something isn't quite right they find after an injury occurs, and they are forced to deal with the treacherous surroundings within the program until help from outside the holodeck can arrive.

Jupiter Mystery

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While warping out deep into the Beta Quadrant outside Federation space, the Washington is contacted by Command and rerouted to find out why the USS Jupiter has gone silent.

The Orion Syndicate

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After foiling their ring on New Krakow and stopping their operative's attempt to retaliate against the crew of the Washington and StarFleet as a whole, the crew of the Washington are tasked with the difficult mission of dealing a lethal blow to the powerful shadow group known as the Orion Syndicate.


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After several grueling missions that have forced the crew of the Washington to endure great hardships, the crew is given the opportunity to get some much needed rest, a needed respite from the grind they have been on of late. The time off isn't without incident however, and several members of the crew find that even vacation time can be hazardous.

Sinister Intentions

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Something sinister has been hiding in the Federation. The trafficking of individuals, especially females of all Federation worlds to an unknown buyer outside the Federation. The planet in the middle of it all is a frontier world, and to make matters worse, an usual number of presumed murders have occured, the victims dying from severe mental trauma with telepathic signatures. The Washington is tasked to look into the matter and to find the guilty party, and put an end to this matter.

Breen in Paradise

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The Washington heads off to deliver medical supplies and its medical staff to Casperia Prime for a medical conference, but as they arrive they find the planet under attack by the Breen.

A Dark Looking Glass

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The crew of the Washington ends up in the Mirror Universe and must find their way back without breaking things any further.


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The Washington, en route to Federation controlled Cardassian space, stops at Golan Iota to deliver supplies. But it is quickly discovered that the stop here has much more to do with their mission to Cardassia than they originally thought.

Return to Paradise

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The Washington returns to Earth after several brutal missions to personally report to Command and enjoy some much earned and needed rest. What sort of shenanigans will be had?

Tal Shiar

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The Washington is sent on a mission in neutral space to investigate reports of a secret Tal Shiar base that is working on projects outside the control of the Romulan government, and may be dangerous for the Federation as well. Orders on the surface seem like recon, but some have been given orders to seek and destroy. What might they find, and how will it play out?

The Borg Encounter

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The Washington investigates strange energy readings coming from an unexplored star system and encounters the Borg.