Breen in Paradise

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The Washington heads off to deliver medical supplies and its medical staff to Casperia Prime for a medical conference, but as they arrive they find the planet under attack by the Breen.

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Unto Darkness, Light

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The Washington, now completely refitted is sent into a remote region of space deep into the Beta Quadrant on the edge of Federation space to do a routine patrol, check on the colonies, and deliver new crew for the outpost in the sector. But something or someone watches them in the darkness, wishing to extinguish them and the light that is the Federation.

The Borg Encounter

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The Washington investigates strange energy readings coming from an unexplored star system and encounters the Borg.

Tal Shiar

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The Washington is sent on a mission in neutral space to investigate reports of a secret Tal Shiar base that is working on projects outside the control of the Romulan government, and may be dangerous for the Federation as well. Orders on the surface seem like recon, but some have been given orders to seek and destroy. What might they find, and how will it play out?

Return to Paradise

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The Washington returns to Earth after several brutal missions to personally report to Command and enjoy some much earned and needed rest. What sort of shenanigans will be had?


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The Washington, en route to Federation controlled Cardassian space, stops at Golan Iota to deliver supplies. But it is quickly discovered that the stop here has much more to do with their mission to Cardassia than they originally thought.

A Dark Looking Glass

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The crew of the Washington ends up in the Mirror Universe and must find their way back without breaking things any further.