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Mission Update

Posted on Mon Feb 13th, 2023 @ 1:46pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

Captain's Log

The away teams have thus far gathered up a great deal of information and even captured one of the temporal agents responsible for the alterations in the timeline, though efforts to make corrections have thus far been minimal. Samantha's team infiltrated the SpaceX facility and quickly located the guilty party and after capturing him, mitigated the damage he was doing.

Jon's team has thus far run into roadblocks that have made things difficult at the NASA facility. As such, after transporting their prisoner back to the Washington, Sam and her team are now moving to join Jon in hopes that they might assist and get things figured out.

What worries me most at this point is the information and damage assessment reported to me by Deanna. Based on her analysis with T'Plana, they have determined that not only has the space programs on Earth, specifically the United States been significantly altered, but the military issues that led to the third world war on Earth have been significantly altered. Rather than Col. Greene and his ban of misfit ecoterrorists being the driving force of conflict, you instead have actual governments pushing military assaults that are destabilizing entire regions of the planet. Both Russia and China are pushing military assaults that didn't originally happen in Earth's history, while the religious fanatics in the Middle East seem to be far more militant and coordinated than they should be. If the away teams can't capture and repair at least some of this damage I fear the Earth we will return to will be far different than the one we know.

End Log


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