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The new Counsellor checks in

Posted on Fri Oct 8th, 2021 @ 4:43pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Callie Raven-Grayson

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Prior to P-Class planet

Stepping out onto the bridge of her new home Callie made her way across to the Captain’s Ready Room, She was holding onto a PADD with her transfer orders on which she needed to give to give to her new Commanding Officer. Straightening her uniform she pressed the chime and waited.

"The door to the ready room opened and Shran saw a lieutenant in medical blue enter. She was unfamiliar to him, partly because he had been hip deep in the Breen situation and hadn't had the opportunity to review any of the updates to the crew. He suspected that Jon would know this officer and remembered a brief mention, and now had to assume this was in fact that officer. He rose from his seat behind his desk, "Come in lieutenant. How can I assist you?" he said diplomatically.

Callie smiled warmly. “I haven’t had chance to meet up with you prior to now Captain, so I thought I’d report in and meet you. “I’m Callie Raven-Grayson, your new Chief Counsellor.” She handed over the PADD with her transfer details on, better late than never.

Shran took the PADD with an arched eyebrow. He wasn't aware of a new counselor, but crew rotations being what they were, and considering the situation that had happened with Estella, it wasn't surprising. What did surprise him was her name. "Any relation to my XO?"

Callie knew that question would come up eventually, she nodded. “We’re married.” She smiled. “It’s somewhat complicated, it was back in our Academy years. We filed for divorce but it seems due to an error our paperwork was never filed. Neither of us knew until now.”

Shran arched an eyebrow in an almost Vulcan manner. "I trust this relationship won't interfere with your duties. You will be able to work with Jon without issue, correct?"

“Correct” Callie smiled. “We’ve already spoken while you were off ship. Our personal and professional lives are two completely separate entities.”

Shran nodded. "Please sit counselor. Would you care for something to drink?"

“A chilled water would be lovely, thank you Sir” Callie smiled politely and took a seat making herself comfortable. “To be honest Sir, this is the first time I’ve served under the command of an Andorian Captain. I hope I can make you proud.”

Shran walked over to the replicator and ordered her chilled water and then brought it over. "I have no doubt you will do your duty well here. I understand you are Betazoid. You wouldn't be the first I have served with. Lt. Celes is from Betazed as well and has served with me for a great many years. Always been a fine officer and friend. I assume you are a full telepath, or are you only empathic?"

Callie offered a smile, “I’m only half Betazoid, which changes the map a little. I’m empathic, and I’m a line of sight, and touch telepath. I need to be either in visual range or touching something to give an accurate telepathic reading.”

"Well I'm sure your empathic abilities will serve you well here. Jean-Luc always seems to praise Deanna for her empathic abilities, so I suppose I can look forward to similar insights from you. Quite a tactical advantage in diplomatic matters. Which reminds me, how do you handle diplomatic situations?"

“I’ve been involved with assisting prior Captain’s with diplomatic functions Sir” Callie smiled warmly. “As Chief Counsellor part of my duties is advising you, and the senior staff when needed. Diplomatic duties tend to fall under that.”

"Well I hope we can put your diplomatic training to good use then. We haven't had the opportunity for diplomacy in some time, but one can always hope." Shran looked down at the PADD once more and gave it a quick once over. "Well counselor, I'm sure you have duties to attend to, new staff to consult with." The Andorian rose from his seat and stretched out his hand, "Welcome aboard."

Callie stood and accepted the hand shake, “Thank you Sir.”

Shran followed her out of the ready room to the bridge, making his way to the command chair as she went to the turbolift. He considered this new counselor and the social dynamic it would bring to the ship with his XO. He'd need to speak with Jon in the foreseeable future.


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