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A Meeting

Posted on Fri Aug 19th, 2022 @ 2:07pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Nicole Logan

Mission: A Trip to Middle Earth
Location: USS Washington

Shran preferred to do things like this in his ready room, but the recent holodeck incident had left him a bit battered and though cleared from sickbay, he was still on light duty in his quarters. He dressed in his uniform so as to minimize the informality and say in his living area waiting for his new tactical officer to arrive.

The Lieutenant got to the bridge and came to the ready room door. She chimed the chime and awaited the captain to let her in. Although, she is in her duty uniform and thinking to herself *Am I gonna make a good impression to the captain.* She thought to herself.

Celes looked over from the command station, "The captain is in his quarters lieutenant."

"Thank you Celes. I'll head on over there then." As she walked into the turbolift and went to the captains quarters and rang the chime.

The captain was sitting in a comfortable overstuffed chair reading as the door chimed. He remained seated as he called for the door to open. He continued to read the material before him, almost indifferent to the person that was entering his domain. Finally he peered up over the PaDD, "Good of you to come lieutenant." He looked quickly at the chronometer sitting atop the small bookcase and then returned his gaze to Logan, "I did expect you a bit earlier."

"Sorry sir. I do apologize. I didn't know you were here sir. I was expecting you to be in the ready room. Sir." She said.

Logan appeared nervous, twitchy, not at all what he expected from a tactical officer. "You may be unaware of the recent goings on here. I, along with several others were trapped on the holodeck with the safeties disengaged. The experience was painful to everyone involved to varying degrees. As such, I've been forced into light duty for a few days, hence our meeting here." He placed the PaDD down on the side table and gestured towards the sofa, "Please have a seat. You might as well be comfortable as we talk."

"Yes sir thank you sir. Also I do apologize for the lock up in the holodeck. But anyways I'm your new Tactical and Security Officer. I must say. The Washington is such a beautiful ship of all time. She's amazing and I love my junior officer at the moment." She said. "I do apologize for being twitchy. Sir." She said.

"Do I make you nervous lieutenant? You seem rather uneasy."

"No sir Not at all. I was just expecting to see you on he bridge of your own ship sir is all." She said.

"Fair enough" Shran replied. "So tell me, how did you find yourself aboard my ship? I mean you are fairly fresh from the Academy and already a full lieutenant and now in a department head, that seems unusual, so I'd like to know in your own words how you arrived here."

"Sir. The reason I found your ship sir, is cause I applied to be a Chief of Security and Tactical. Your ship seemed to be the only starship that didn't have one. I also heard that someone with my exemplary skills was needed to be on this ship. So as far of me being on board is simple. A shuttle brought me here from spacedock. The Admiral there said that the Washington was in need of a new Chief of Security and Tactical Officer on board he gave me the assignment and gave me the rank of Lieutenant right off the back. Although, I do find it rather odd. It's not like someone to make someone who just got out of the academy and put them as Lieutenant right off the bat. Usually when someone is assigned to a vessel, they are normally an Ensign before they become a Lieutenant. Although, I think he found my exemplary skills to be very useful and assigned me here sir." As she smiled and looked at the captain.

"You seem to give very literal replies." Shran shifted slightly in his chair. "Tell me your story lieutenant. What made you join StarFleet? Why do you feel being a tactical officer is the right fit for you? Dazzle me lieutenant."

"Sir I joined starfleet to make the best of my life. I don't want to be that person that sits on my butt and not do anything. Starfleet has been a dream for me since I was little. I wanted to be a Chief Security and Tactical Officer cause I felt like it was right." She mentioned to the captain.

"Very well lieutenant. Much will be expected of you. Make sure you check in with medical and the counseling departments for your check in and clearances. Enjoy your time aboard the Washington, but keep ready for anything. We have a tendency to find trouble."

She smiled at the captain. "Yes sir. Right away sir. I know you can count on me. I'm the best for security and tactical. You won't regret it sir." She said.

Shran smiled ever so slightly. Logan was enthusiastic if nothing else. That was a good trait to have, it just needed to be tempered and focused. Time would tell how it would all play out. "If you have questions about anything, Lt Hillis should be able to assist you. She is the best tactical officer on the ship."

"Yes sir. I'll keep that in mind. Also, sorry for being super enthusiastic about this. I've never been like that ever in my life." She said.

"Nothing wrong with enthusiasm lieutenant. You are young, I would almost expect it. Just need to focus it a bit is all. That comes with experience. You'll get plenty of that here." Shran rose from his seat. "I think this has been a fine first meeting. You have lots to do, so I won't keep you any longer. Good day lieutenant."


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