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Posted on Sat Oct 29th, 2022 @ 2:24pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

Mission: Living History
Location: USS Washington

Shran slowly strode from the doorway of his ready room towards his command chair on the bridge. The Washington was travelling back to Earth at warp 7 to meet with Command, particularly Temporal Investigations regarding their recent encounter with Romulans from the 31st century who had kidnapped several of the Vulcans aboard and forced them to perform some sort of ritual. Shran didn't understand the mysticism that surrounded it all, as was often the case when it came to Vulcans, but Daniels did inform them that they had played a part in stopping a war despite the fact that the Romulans had succeeded in their goal of saving Romulus from a supernova.

As Shran sat down he remained contemplative. He had been used, as had his crew, by both Daniels and the Romulans. Shran had been used before, it was the nature of being an operative in StarFleet Intelligence. This was different. And while it might be able to accept being used himself, the fact that his crew and ship had been placed in jeopardy didn't sit well with him. Both Shon and T'Plana remained under medical care by Sam and Callie, Seth was still in sickbay recovering from the near fatal injury he had received, and the strain of everything had taken a toll on all of his crew, particularly Deanna.

As if on cue, Deanna called out as she worked at her station at Ops. "Reading a massive build up of chroniton particles. Detecting a temporal vortex forming directly ahead."

As the red alert klaxon sounded Shran leaned forward, "What is the source of the chroniton particles?"

"Unknown. The ship is being pulled into the temporal vortex" Deanna responded.

"Helm, full reverse" Shran ordered.

"It's no use captain, the vortex is too strong" L'Rissa replied from the helm.

"Captain, we are emerging from the vortex" Deanna said as she continued to look over all incoming data. "We have emerged in the Sol system, however I do not believe we are in our same time."

Time travel. After what had recently happened, this was the last thing Shran wanted to hear. "Estimated time frame."

"Early 21st century, pre-WW3" Deanna replied.

"Helm, keep up out of direct sight of Earth or any of their telescopes" Shran quickly ordered.

"Entering the asteroid belt. Setting course for Ceres" L'Rissa purred in response.

Shran sighed. "As if a good time existed to travel back to. Deanna, tell me you can pinpoint where in time we have fallen more precisely."

Deanna was working furiously at her console. Finally she turned to look at Shran, "We are in the back end of the year 2023, roughly the end of October. In less than a year the Bell Riots will occur, starting in San Francisco. That isn't the worst thing though sir. I am reading temporal distortions on Earth. Events are preparing to occur far earlier than they are meant to."

"What events?" Shran questioned.

"The Artemis 2 mission is preparing to launch a full year earlier than it is meant to from Florida, and the Red Dragon mission, which is the precursor to the Aries missions is preparing to launch from central Texas a full 6 years early. I also have to report that at this time, I do not know what caused us to travel back in time nor how to get us back to our time." Celes did her best to not look dejected by this slue of negative information.

"Continue monitoring everything as best you can Deanna. Maybe we'll get lucky and something will present itself." Shran sat in deep thought for a moment. This was a potentially dangerous situation. Normally he might call people together in the conference room to discuss the situation, but as many of his senior officers were already located elsewhere, it was, as the human expression went, have the mountain come to Mohammad. Shran hit his comm badge, =^=Jon, grab ensign Phoenix and meet me in sickbay. We have a temporal problem to solve.=^=

Shran made his way into the turbolift and headed for sickbay. Someone or something had pulled his ship nearly 400 years into the past to a time that was pivotal in the history of Earth. Humans were tribal, barbaric at this point in time, about to engage on a third global conflict, this time using nuclear weapons that would decimate the planet and kill over 600 million in the process. First contact wouldn't be for another 41 years, and at this point in time Vulcans were at conflict with Andorians and their Science Directorate didn't believe time travel was possible. They were on their own in trying to figure this out. This might be a result of the temporal event they had been present for only a few days prior. Whatever the case, somehow he and his crew were going to have to figure things out, and try not to disturb the timeline.


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