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Q Mischief

Posted on Mon May 15th, 2023 @ 1:47pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

Mission: Writing the Q Cards
Location: USS Washington

The Washington patrolled the star system in which they had encountered an unknown human colony and then later a new race known as the Kilrathi. While the situation with the Kilrathi wasn't completely resolved, the tense situation at this point had concluded with a ceasefire with the promise of further negotiations that were designed to create peace in one week. The Washington being the ship that would host the peace talks remained to maintain the peace in the interim, which for the crew was mostly time to study the star system in more detail, and help the colonists. Thus far, the Kilrathi had fulfilled their part in the ceasefire, and the human colonists were focused on everything that came with reuniting with humanity. That included renaming the colony, and they had done so quickly, naming it New Liberty.

The senior officers were mostly dealing with mundane daily tasks and procedures at this point. Sam and Shon were focused on updating and upgrading the medical facilities on New Liberty, all while focusing on finding a cure to the local disease called Kilrathi Fever. Callie was working with Seth and Eislyn to help the colonists regain their connection to Earth, and develop a connection to the Federation as a whole. Ayana was keeping her security troops in tip top shape with constant drills, as well as working with the colony military to make sure they were prepared for what would happen once the colony was officially brought into the Federation, including transition of military personnel into StarFleet. And poor Jon was left dealing with all of his daily duties as XO as well being the liaison between the ship and colony and the Federation. Honestly, Shran felt like he was almost on vacation with so little for him to directly do t this moment as he sat in his Ready Room reviewing weekly reports.

"You know, humans really are fascinating, in a manner of speaking" a disembodied voice suddenly said aloud, bring Shran out of his mental haze and making his antennae stand at attention.

"Who said that?" he asked aloud.

A brilliant flash on the small sofa along the wall, and suddenly a human looking creature in a StarFleet admirals uniform appeared, though this creature looked far too young to be the implied rank. "I did. Don't go off topic. You know, as I was saying, humans really are fascinating. They are like the ants of the greater space insect kingdom."

Shran stood and looked sternly at the creature, "You're a Q aren't you."

"Very good captain. You are much faster on the pickup than your human counterparts" he replied dryly.

"You aren't the Q we and others have dealt with though. Based on your appearance, and what I know about the Q, I'd say you are his son, Capt. Janeway's godson."

"Can't fool you" Q replied with obvious sarcasm. "I considered visiting Aunt Kat, but then I saw your ship out here and realized coming here had far more opportunities for a little fun."

"Whatever fun you wish to have, I would ask you do it elsewhere. My crew and I are far too bust currently to entertain you" Shran stated sharply.

"Yes, yes, your crew of ants are milling about on their mundane tasks, all of them giving their all to save the galaxy, or at least your limited understanding of it. C'mon captain, let's have some fun."

Shran was growing impatient, "I told you, we don't have time for juvenile games. My people are all quite busy, as am I."

"Reading reports, writing reports, acting like everything you are doing is life and death." Q smiled. "I think you need a change of perspective captain, you and your vaunted officers. And I am the Q to give it to you." He snapped his fingers and in a flash, changes had occured all over the ship.

No longer was an Andorian standing before Q looking stern. Now it was a middle aged human male with short chestnut brown hair and two days facial growth looking rather shocked. "What the hell?" the human said.

"Let's see how you fair under this reality captain" Q said with glee. He snapped his fingers again and several others suddenly appeared in the ready room. "You are all participants as well. This ought to be fun to see how this plays out. Now, the rest of the crew won't realize anything is different, so don't bother with all of that. I'll be back after chaos ensues" Q said mischievously, and then disappeared in a flash.

The captain walked over to the window and looked outside, seeing his reflection in the glass. "I'm dressed in my StarFleet uniform and I'm on a ship in space. This is a dream, right?" He shook his head and turned to look at the others. "Alright, assuming this isn't just some sort of crazy dream, my name is Joe Carroll, and I am apparently the captain. It looks like you are Jeff my XO, Julia my CMO, and well, I don't believe I have actually seen the rest of you, though I am guessing you are all now replacing your character from our sim. I suppose I should say welcome to the Star Trek twilight zone."


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Comments (1)

By Ensign J.B Dersch on Mon May 15th, 2023 @ 1:50pm

Uh Oh....Never Good when a Q arrives...