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Well this is weird

Posted on Mon May 22nd, 2023 @ 2:37am by Commander Samantha Howard

Mission: Writing the Q Cards
Location: Sickbay

The meeting dispersed, leaving the 'new' crew to attend to the roles that their characters would normally perform. Joe headed to the bridge, or was it the ready room? Julia headed to the nearest computer panel on the wall and asked for directions to sickbay.

It couldn't be that hard could it? Inoprovaline fixed everything, and when it didn't, whack em into statis and hope for the best until this mess was sorted out. The computer illuminated at the sound of her voice and started a light strip in the direction of the nearest turbolift. Following it, she waited for said turbolift and asked for sickbay, forgetting as usual what deck it was on. That was a details thing and details weren't her strong point. A few moments later the lift slid silently to a halt and the doors opened to a corridor that she swore looked exactly the same as the old one. Thankfully the illuminated line led her the rest of the way.

The doors of sickbay parted and revealed an ordered environment, nurses and doctors calmly and carefully carrying out what needed to be done with the equipment available to them. Julia picked up a tricorder on the way to what looked to be the CMO's office and asked the computer for a basic tutorial on how to use it. A few minutes later she could fumble her way through most functions. Hopefully her 2023 medical knowledge gleaned from the fire service and watching way too much Star Trek would aid her in some way. Now all she had to do was hope for the most boring, uninteresting, mundane day sickbay had ever offered.



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