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Diplomacy and Debts

Posted on Mon Nov 13th, 2023 @ 12:47am by Captain Shran dh'Klar

Mission: Hard Earned Peace
Location: USS Washington

The Washington had returned to the New Liberty colony as promised, though it felt like they had undertaken quiet a lot in just 10 days times since they had last been here. Shran understood that the task at hand now for himself and his crew was formidable, bringing peace between two races that had been at war for generations, whose hatred and distrust of one another had reached genocidal proportions. They had learned a great deal when they were here last, and Shran had averted calamity by offering up an olive branch, an olive branch that he hoped he could sprout into a more lasting peace. This would not be easy; the militant factions on both sides were hard pressed to accept anything but the annihilation of the other, but both sides feared the power Shran had demonstrated, and even more so the thought of what a fleet of such ships would be capable of.

Shran didn't care for the task before him. He would much prefer to be leading an attack group, fighting an impossible battle, or even engaging in intelligence work which he was well suited, but fate it seemed always seemed to give a twisted smile in his direction and place him and his crew in these diplomatic situations. He quickly finished his drink, thinking on his XO's words when they had first encountered the Kilrathi. Jon had said they were as staunch warriors as the Klingons, with the cunning of Romulans and the xenophobic mentality of the Cardassians. Shran had noted that it seemed the colonists of New Liberty seemed much the same, which is why Jon felt the idea of peace would be near impossible to accomplish. Shran had offered an old human expression as a reply, "You can get a lot more with a kind word and a gun than just a kind word." He feared now he would have to see if that adage were in fact true.

Shran made his way to the transporter room. The first set of dignitaries were due to come up, and he intended to greet them himself. Jon was still on light duty after his injuries and while his other senior officers were quite capable, this was definitely a meeting he needed to be part of from the moment they arrived.

As he entered the transporter room he saw Deanna standing with a security officer. "Commander, good of you to be here."

Deanna looked at Shran, "As if you thought I wouldn't be here. Jon can't be, seemed it was my duty to be here."

"Sam give any update on Jon beyond the light duty for a few days?" he inquired.

"No, but knowing Jon, he'll be back in the swing of things by tomorrow, even if he has to defy Sam" Deanna said with a smirk.

"And that is what makes him a great XO" Shran commented as he looked back at the transporter chief. "Chief, energize when ready."

The transporter sprung to life, and the familiar blue hue of three people materialized. Once the transporter cycle was complete, Shran stepped forward to greet the guests. "Welcome again ladies."

Piper, Phoebe, and Paige stepped down from the transporter and greeted Shran with a smile. "It is wonderful to be back aboard your ship. I have high hopes that we will be able to negotiate a lasting peace under your guidance" Piper said diplomatically.

"You are being too kind. We are happy to oblige and function as the neutral territory to have these talks. War serves neither side, peace is the only way both sides can survive and have an opportunity to live and grow." Shran motioned for the door, "Please ladies, I believe you know the way to the conference room."

As they all exited the transporter chief remained, watching them all, a sinister look about him. As the doors closed, she spoke aloud is soft tones, "You may wish for peace captain, but such things, as all debts, must come at the cost of blood. And you and your crew owe me a great debt." He laughed darkly and slowly his form changed to reveal her true self, an entity that the Washington crew would never forget, Hela.


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