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Check up for three

Posted on Wed Feb 7th, 2024 @ 3:16am by Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Petty Officer 1st Class Amethyst Reece

Mission: Lost & Found
Location: Sickbay

OOC; Thought I'd have Callie check in with Sam now she's just past 6 months with her twins (25 wks)

Having had a nice restful nap, Callie had decided to head for Sickbay to check in with Sam. She could also check on how Shon was doing while she was there. Making her way to Sickbay she looked around as she entered through the doors.

Amethyst smiled warmly as she greeted Callie. "Hello Callie, can I help?"

Callie offered a warm smile. "Hi Amethyst, is Sam free? I thought I'd drop in for my usual check up."

Amethyst nodded. "I'll go and find out for you, hop up on whichever biobed you like while you're waiting." With that she headed to find Sam.

Sam meanwhile was in her office, writing up the doozy of a report that was Shon's delivery into her medical files. She scratched her head, trying to put the experience into words that would actually make sense to another doctor should something similar take place or should the medical history be required. She looked at as Amethyst popped her head into the office.

"What's up?" She asked with a casual smile.

Amethyst smiled. "Callie is here to see you for her regular check-up."

"Splendid" Sam smiled as she rose from her desk and headed out into the main ward of sickbay.

Callie had made herself at home on biobed three, sitting waiting for Sam just as Amethyst had told her to. Seeing Sam approaching she offered a warm smile. "Hi Sam."

"Good morning Callie, and how are 'we' feeling today" she asked as she reached for the tools of her trade.

"Pretty good actually" Callie smiled warmly. "The normal as far as tiredness and an aching back are concerned, but apart from that I can't complain."

"You know they're only gonna get heavier right?" Sam quipped in good nature as she took some scans, making notes as she went. "If it troubles you there are are supports that you can use to take the pressure off your lower back."

Callie nodded. “I’ll bear that in mind. Jon seems completely sure that i’m ready to give birth, I'll admit I do complain from time to time, but I’m actually enjoying this. The miracle of life!” She smiled warmly.

"It's an amazing thing that's for sure" Sam replied with a smile as she continued to work through the list of tests and scans that would ensure an accurate picture of the both the twins health as well as Callie's.

"You're blood pressure is up a bit, have you been feeling anxious lately?" There was a note of concern in her voice.

“Only when Hela was aboard” Callie gave Sam a worried look. “Is it something I should be worried about? Are the twins okay?”

"They're developing perfectly, a little on the small side but that's normal with multiples. How has your energy been lately?" Sam asked as she measured the two babies length and weight.

“About as expected given this far into my pregnancy” Callie answered honestly. “I sit down at home and I’m soon asleep, especially after a meal.” She grinned, Jon always made her a lovely dinner making sure she ate properly.

"I had a friend who recently had twins, she called them her mini-vampires. Bled every bit of energy from her from within. Don't get me wrong she loves them to bits but she admitted carrying them to term was hard work". Sam explained as she finished up.

“I have to agree there, it is proving to be pretty exhausting.” Callie offered a smile. “So what’s the prognosis Sam? Are the twins growing within norms for twins?”

"They're a little small, but still well within the 'normal' range. You sent exactly a big person yourself" Sam quipped with a smile. "But they are developing well"

Callie nodded. “That’s a relief, and you’re right I’m not a big person. My figure is natural, I don’t bother with my weight I just make sure I eat a good diet.” She smiled warmly. “Am I okay to continue with my duties?”

"Of course, but if you find you're getting fatigued performing your normal duties we can look at reducing your hours" Sam replied "there's always options"

Callie nodded. “Of course, I was considering dropping back my hours once I reached around 7 months anyway. It makes sense given the twins.” She smiled warmly.

"You'll know when it's time to cut back, your body will let you know" Sam quipped as she packed away the medical equipment she had been using. "I think that's everything I needed to check, do you have any questions?" She asked as she helped Callie to sit up.

“No, I don’t think so” Callie smiled as she sat up. “You’ve covered everything and more, thank you Sam.”

"You're welcome Callie, come back next week or unless something changes" Sam finished tidying up and helped Callie to her feet. She watched as her friend made her way out of sickbay and back towards whatever duty awaited her.


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