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Everyday mundane

Posted on Mon Mar 25th, 2024 @ 5:05am by Commander Samantha Howard

Mission: Man & Machine
Location: Sickbay

Dr Samantha Howard wasn't bored. No she was enjoying not being entirely exhausted and mentally drained every waking hour. Over the last week she'd caught up on all the missed physicals, medical management plans, and had compiled the latest batch of medical notes for the database a few days early.

Her staff were conducting training, refining their techniques on dermal regeneration and bone knitting techniques, a skill used regularly when the Washington ran into whatever interesting things seemed to come their way. Sam looked over the top of her padd with pride, they were a good crew, no, they were a great crew and had kept an even keel even when everything around them was chaos. She smiled and though of a particular few who she had recommended to have commendations placed on their file.

Everything was in order, a pleasant change that she almost didn't know how to deal with. The lack of pressure and ever present adrenaline was confusing. It was almost like withdrawal and Sam understood how combat soldiers struggled with it after the war. The sudden lack of pressure and need left her feelings a little lost. A smile crossed her face as she thought of her sessions with Callie, they'd spoken of many things over her treatments, and she had been making good progress, to the point where her medication was no longer necessary. They still had a ways to go but things were definitely looking up.

That being said she looked at the chronometer and realised alpha shift was about to end. With a smile she closed down her monitor, and clocked off on time for the first time in forever. Sometimes the Q word had its benefits.


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