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Dropping in

Posted on Wed Apr 3rd, 2024 @ 10:53am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson

Mission: Man & Machine
Location: Shran’s Quarters

Callie was taking a stroll, more for exercise at this point in her pregnancy than anything else. Walking along the decks she’d paused here and there before reaching Shran’s Quarters. She pressed the chime hoping he wouldn’t mind her dropping in to say hello.

Shran had just finished his dinner and was finishing up with the clean up when the door chimed. "Enter" he said from a distance, the door opening as he made his way over to see who it actually was. "Hello Callie. What brings you by quarters this evening?"

Callie offered a warm smile. “I’m sorry to just drop in unannounced Sir, I was getting some exercise and I just thought...” she paused. “Sorry, I guess I’m feeling something of a spare wheel at the moment. I’m at that point where going off ship is mostly a big no, and I’m not always needed aboard ship either.”

"You are always needed on ship" Shran replied quickly. "If I'm being honest, I envy Jon. He gets to be with you throughout your pregnancy. I didn't have the chance to be with my mates for the majority of the pregnancies, and it is something I regret."

Callie nodded. “That must have been very hard. For us this pregnancy is something of a miracle, I fell pregnant once before, but the pregnancy ended in disaster. The stress of losing our baby put strain on our marriage, and we filed for divorce. Fortunately for us the paperwork was received but never filed, it seems fate was on our side.” She smiled warmly. “I’m currently seven months out of an expected nine but given I’m carrying twins it could be earlier.”

Shran mused quietly for a moment before responding. "Human relationships, especially your mating aspects, have always been a bit strange to me. The dynamics are significantly different in many ways to that of my people, and of other races. I sometimes wonder how you all mange considering how easily things seem to upset your race. Divorce is practically unheard of amongst my people. Mating dynamics can become quite complex with some species, as I'm sure you know. It is my hope that things go well for you and Jon this time. I am sure Sam and Shon will do everything they can to make it so."

“Thank you, Sir,” Callie smiled warmly. “I can understand complex mating rituals, Jon and I are bonded in a similar fashion to that of Vulcans. Betazoid’s generally don’t bond with someone unless they’re sure it’s the person they want to be with for the rest of their lives. Whereas Vulcans suffer, and can even die, if a bond is broken, it’s not that severe for Betazoid’s fortunately.”

"So I have been told" Shran replied smoothly. "I have neglected my manners. "Would you care to sit?"

Callie nodded. “Thank you, Sir. I won’t stay too much longer; I know how important off duty time is.” She breathed a sigh of relief as she took a seat. “How are you coping with everything that’s happened? I’ve spoken to Shon, but I’ve neglected speaking to you.”

Shran arched an eyebrow. "What are you referring to?" he questioned. "Is something wrong with Shon?"

"I meant the loss of her son Sir, to Hela" Callie looked at Shran. "Losing a child is difficult at any point in time."

"Ah" Shran replied softly. He remained quiet for a moment. "Honestly, I'm torn. It is a difficult issue. I haven't spoken to her much in regards to this. I don't think it is under my purview to be honest. It is a personal matter for her and Seth. I've never lost a child, so how can I possibly relate? At the same time, it was something that happened by her own doing. I don't mean that in a callous way, but she did seek out Hela, made a deal without any context, and gained the life of a child she had lost already. I loathe what Hela did, but Hela wasn't to blame for the endgame."

Callie nodded. “I guess I can see your point on that Captain, I hadn’t looked at it from that angle to be honest.” She offered a smile. “I just hope Hela will be a good mother to the baby.”

"I'm sure she will, from her point of view. This is the issue I tried to explain to Inara, and she refused to grasp the concept, different species means different belief systems" Shran replied.

Callie nodded. "Indeed, some species practices can seem wrong to us, but it's their way of rearing their young."

"As the Vulcans put it, infinite diversity in infinite combinations. While I am loathe to credit the Vulcans for anything, they are correct in this instance. I imagine that a species such as that of the Asgardians or any other godlike species would raise children far differently than anything we can comprehend. They have significantly different abilities and powers compared to us after all. I recall reading Admiral Janeway's report regarding the Q, which she had a unique perspective on, when it came how the Q raise children, the few we know about, and how different it is compared to anything we know." Shran replied. "But I am philosophizing, and I am sure you want to get back to your walk. Don't worry about Jon and the others, they'll be fine down on the planet."

Callie nodded. “I hope so. I’ll admit I’m missing not being able to be there with them.” She gently rose to her feet. “Anyway I’ll let you get back to enjoying what peace and quiet you’ve got Captain. It’s been nice talking with you.”

Shran offered a smile. "The only thing you are missing is a radiation bath and having Sam fuss over you about it. Be happy you have a good excuse not to be down there. Though I have to admit, I envy Jon and the rest of them. I don't get to go on those away missions. Jon likes to keep me up here safe and sound. I think you are the only person he is more protective about, but he doesn't have regulations to fall back on with you." Shran rose and helped Callie up, "He'll contact us if anything is out of place. Just enjoy the quiet until then. If it is quiet, it usually means everything is status quo. Considering our track record, I think we should be happy with quiet."

Callie nodded. “Very true, I know Starfleet regulations say keep a professional distance, but I do worry when Jon’s off ship. I always will, it’ll be a double edged sword once the twins are born, having to leave three children aboard when I’m off ship on away team duty. It’ll feel very odd.” She smiled. “Anyway I’ll no doubt see you on the bridge at some point, reducing my hours ready for maternity leave isn’t going to stop me being there.”

"Have a good evening, Callie" Shran replied as he escorted her to the door. "I'll see you on the bridge" he said as she left. As she made her way down the corridor Shran contacted the bridge, =^=Bridge, this is the captain. Any word from the away team. =^=

Ayana was the ranking officer on the bridge at the moment. =^=Not as of yet sir. LeFaye believes the radiation in the atmosphere is causing similar problems with communications as it is sensors. We should have better resolution in all systems within the hour. =^=

=^= Very well. Inform me when we have contact. =^= Shran pondered the situation. Regulations stated that away teams were to contact the ship at least once an hour. They had been on the surface for almost two hours now without contact. But Shran trusted Jon, Sam, and Deanna to use discretion to investigate. Considering the radiation issues, he'd give Engineering the time to make the fixes, but not a moment longer.


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