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CMO's Personal Log - Encrypted

Posted on Tue Jul 28th, 2020 @ 12:51am by Commander Samantha Howard

I must admit I'm a little concerned about this mission, not that I can voice my concerns to anyone else in the command team. There's no basis in fact for the way I feel, just a deep rooted gut wrenching fear that something bad is going to happen.

Sickbay is prepared and Dr Perrim is more than up to the task of whatever is thrown at the team, my primary concern is for the away teams. Infiltrating a Tal Shiar installation and gaining intelligence then possibly destroying whatever it is we are looking for? A dangerous mission indeed. And what if someone gets captured? The Tal Shiar are rumoured to be worse to their captives than the Cardassians. I know the aim of the game is to not get captured in the first place.

Details for the mission are sketchy - either the Captain is protecting us and himself by only revealing certain details and leaving the rest deliberately vague - or he doesn't know the rest of the details himself.

Then there's the new Intel guy - I'm not sure exactly what to make of him. People in his line of work are masters of disguise, not just in the traditional sense. They have more layers to their personality than an onion, a very large onion.

My gut tells me to be cautious - about everything. Perhaps this time the universe will prove me wrong.


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