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Self Doubts

Posted on Tue Jul 28th, 2020 @ 7:51am by Commander Jonathan Grayson

"Personnel log of Commander Jon Grayson. Computer begin recording."

"Recording." Came the bland, emotionless reply from the computer.

"I've just come from a meeting with the Captain and several other senior officers concerning our upcoming mission. Specifically breaking into a secret Romulan base under the control of the Tal Shiar.

My team consisting of the CMO Samantha Howard and Chief Security, Tactical Lisa Olsson has been tasked with finding out if there are any biological weapons being produced and destroy them. I am confident in the abilities of both Sam and Lt. Olsson. I know both will preform their duties to the best of their abilities. My concern is me. Am I ready for this? After being recently rescued from the Borg where I was assimilated, I have doubts on my own abilities. I don't want to put Sam and Olsson in danger nor the mission. Any hesitation could mean the difference between success and failure. I will continue to self evaluate."

End recording


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