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Posted on Wed Aug 18th, 2021 @ 1:55pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

Captain's Log

My officers have returned and the duplicates sent back to the Mirror Universe. The duplicates seemed to enjoy their time here in our universe and spent the vast majority of the time at Quark's indulging in the many pleasures presented there that I am certain were all luxuries in the other universe, particularly the food which they seemed to gorge themselves on.

The Mirror Universe was not equally kind to my officers. While I didn't lose anyone, they each returned worse for wear in varying ways. Counselor Estella Stratton appears to have suffered the most extensive injuries, so much so that while Dr. Bashir was able to treat some of the injuries, he ultimately had no other choice but to place her into long term stasis and send her back to StarFleet Medical for treatment. The medical ship Hippocrates just departed DS9 with her, and should be back to Earth in a week. I can't say how long we will be without her, but StarFleet seems to think it will be long enough that I need a new counselor assigned here. I can't imagine replacing Estella, she has served on the Washington nearly as long as my XO Jon. She was a fine officer, a confidant, a friend.

As difficult as I find her situation, her loss, I know Jon is taking it much harder. Jon didn't seem to have too many injuries from his ordeal on the other side, at least not physical injuries. Jon and Estella were a couple, still are a couple I should say. While such relationships are difficult to maintain when both are StarFleet officers, they were both dedicated to one another. I think Estella probably had a more healthy human sense of their relationship, but Jon adores her. I must admit I am concerned for Jon both personally and professionally. It is my hope that with proper counseling he can get past any guilt or remorse and be able to return to duty without issue.

My Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Samantha Howard also returned with serious injuries. We were lucky to be docked at DS9 and have Dr. Bashir ready to treat her. He informs me that he was able to treat all of her injuries and that other than a few days rest she has no other issues that need his attention. It is my hope that the station counselor, Lt. Cmdr Ezri Dax can treat any psychological problems before we depart, at least in part if not completely.

Ensign Phoenix also had injuries that Dr. Bashir treated. His injuries seem to have been far less severe than the injuries of the others and he has made a full recovery. I suspect he too will need some time with Dax before we depart.

I think ultimately that this crossover only underscores the dangerous nature of the Mirror Universe and why we must work diligently to ensure that such crossovers do not occur in the future. The physical injuries were bad enough, but the psychological impact on my officers seems equally great. I have sent all data we have collected regarding this incident along with the data Cmdr Kira and her people on DS9 collected as well as any debriefing materials to StarFleet Command with a recommendation that they have a science vessel come out and conduct further investigations of the area to determine why these crossovers seem to happen so frequently here. It is my hope that we can prevent them moving forward.

End log.


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