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A Life Amongst the Stars.

Posted on Thu Aug 19th, 2021 @ 9:14am by Lieutenant JG Shoniara T’ghann Dex Dr

Personal log Shoniara T’ghann Dex.

Arrived on Deep Space Nine after an uneventful flight from Bajor. It was a long journey from Earth via Vulcan but during my stay on Vala I was presented with their Class 1 Star of Light for my work on genetic re sequencing of the A22V3 virus. Thankfully that plague has now been cured and the gentle people of Vala can begin their lives again.
Before I left Earth I was offered a post at Starfleet Medical in their virology department. It would also have meant a promotion but after all that has happened in the last year I wanted to be anywhere else than there. Besides a life amongst the stars has always been my first love.
Although there seems much to do on the station I prefer to board the Washington immediately. My quarters here are quite small but at least I have a window and do not have to share which helps with Puss my Sehlat Terran feline hybrid. Most people are afraid of him but he is a big soft thing. He is part of me and we cannot be separated. For a feline of 130 years he is doing very well. The change to his genetic sequencing before we left Earth will give him another 100 years, maybe more. It was good of the Captain to approve my bringing him on board. He is getting quite old now and loves to sleep most of the time, perhaps I can take him onto the holodeck for exercise.
After I settled in I meditated for an hour which centers me before I meet my Chief Medical Officer, I have not seen any of my fellow crew yet. I spoke to Garan Petrie of the Vulcan exobiology expedition prior to them setting out to Balado iii. He has no news of my brother Telvan although, he says he is still being looked for. He has been missing for two years now but I still hope he is alive somewhere. My Vulcan logic tells me that he is dead but my Riasan heritage gives me hope. T’ghrek my bond brother says he will liaise with the Vulcan embassies throughout the quadrant to continually remind people about Telvan.
So, here the two of us are, ready to start this new adventure. Although I find it difficult to make friends I hope there will be someone here I can make that connection with.

Computer end personal log.


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