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The Breen

Posted on Wed Sep 1st, 2021 @ 1:29pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

Captain's Log

What was supposed to be an easy trip to Casperia Prime to drop off medical supplies and allow my medical staff to attend a conference, and perhaps give the rest of the crew a bit of shore leave has turned into something I have not seen since the war. I thought the only hiccup would be the virus that Dex and Samantha had found and are dealing with, but it turns out that was only a precursor for something bigger.

When were only a few hours out when a distress signal came out from Casperia, indicating the planet was under attack. We responded quickly, only to find that the attack was a group of Breen frigates. I haven't seen the like since the war when the Breen attacked Earth. Had we not been so close, I fear that Casperia Prime would have been completely devastated. As it is, the damage and casualty reports are still being generated.

I made the decision to pursue the lone Breen vessel that fled, and we should catch up to him in short order. My hope is to disable the vessel and then send boarding parties to seek out any information regarding this attack. I'm sending Jon with one party, and Stonebridge with the other. Between the two of them, I am certain they will find something to enlighten this situation.

As an aside, the new officers that came aboard at DS9 have thus far transitioned nicely. Aiko seems like a good pilot, and Dex seems to really make things easier for Samantha in sickbay. The new counselor, Jortho, I think she will be fine. She had her hands full when she came aboard.

I should return to the bridge.

End Log


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