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Chief Medical Officer's Log - Personal

Posted on Thu Nov 3rd, 2022 @ 12:17am by Commander Samantha Howard

Begin Recording.

So we've somehow ended up in the year 2023, a feat of temporal mishap or genius or goodness knows what. The Captain is talking about heading down to the planet, there's a series of events already set in history that may be occuring earlier than they are supposed to be, and if that happens, who knows what could happen to the future, to our time.

Temporal mechanics has always been a dreaded course at the Academy, the Grandfather Paradox is just one of those dreaded cliches that get rolled out to remind everyone exactly what is at stake. But how are we supposed to set the timeline straight? Without being caught that is? Earth at this point in time was only inhabited by humans, and even then they couldn't get along with each other. The planet is on the cusp of a third world war, and the major players care more about popularity than doing right by the people. Capital punishment is still in use in some areas and the medical practices are barbaric by our standards. The Captain is talking about sending an away team to the surface, rule number 1 - don't get caught and executed, rule number 2 - don't get injured. The positive outcomes from either situation are woeful.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

- End Recording.


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