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Why the Borg?

Posted on Tue Jun 16th, 2020 @ 11:24pm by Commander Samantha Howard

CMO's Log - Personal

I feel as though we have just recovered from one crisis to dive headfirst into another. The crew are mentally and physically strong but I can't help but feel that constant exposure to stress and danger won't be good for us. Still - we can't choose what the universe throws at us.

As I record this log we can detected a Borg cube nearby, the mere thought of the Borg is enough to make the blood in my veins run cold. They are a heartless unrelenting force that takes no mercy and assimilates all in their path. They must be here for a reason and of course we have to find out. I only hope that we all come away from this mission with our bodies and minds intact.

Dr Perrim is more than capable of looking after things whilst the away team beams over to investigate the cube. Goodness help them if the Washington is boarded. There have been a few notable assimilation reversals - Dr Crusher reverting Captain Picard back from Locutus. Her notes are in the medical database. I pray I won't need to use them.

End Log


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