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Posted on Mon May 25th, 2020 @ 1:29am by Commander Samantha Howard

Chief Medical Officer's Log - Supplemental.

It seems that this...affliction that has taken over the Captain and Lt Celes is spreading throughout the crew - although our telepathic and empathic races seem to be worse affected than other. They all talk of purple poppies and guard with red coats yet I am almost powerless to calm them. Normal sedatives render each patient unconscious for a period of time but when they wake they return to this delirious state. I feel as though we are losing the battle with maintaining order in sickbay. Several of us have already been injured as the ships crew become aggressive and un-cooperative, yet I don't want to keep sedating them. We won't find answers that way.

The answer lies with Celes and the Captain - how I'm not sure yet but my gut tells me we need to start there. Someone was targeting them with some form of telepathy - and increasing their neurotransmitter levels in turn. Unfortunately the Captain has escaped from sickbay, so I have lost the opportunity to study his brain patterns further. My hope lies with Deanna and being able to pinpoint the source of this telepathic signal.

Commander Grayson and Sachzny are heading to the bridge to attempt to locate the Captain's yacht and to hopefully shed some light on this 'poppies and red coats' that all my patients seem to be seeing.

I only hope we can find some answers before we all go mad.

End Log


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