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Posted on Fri Oct 2nd, 2020 @ 12:49am by Commander Samantha Howard & Commander Jonathan Grayson
Edited on on Fri Oct 2nd, 2020 @ 12:49am

Mission: Return to Paradise
Location: San Fransisco

Jon woke up, he didn’t feel exactly refreshed but he did feel better especially after the events of
Last night. He and Sam had matched each other drink for drink and were still at it when the club closed. They had stumbled out into the night, Laughing and giggling. Sam seemed the most affected by the drinks she had consumed. Then somewhere in the night, Jon had gotten them to this place. What was its name? Oh yeah, The Carlton. He had gotten separate rooms for Sam and himself. He wobbled to the wall and banged on it “Sam? You awake?

“ Ugh” came an unpleasant groan from the other side of the wall. Sam was still sprawled on the cold tiles. The nausea was slowly abating but she still felt terrible. “ Is that you Jon?”

“No one else.” Came the reply. “How are you feeling this morning? Or is afternoon now?” He wondered. “Any how, whatever time it is , how do you feel?”

“ Like a shuttle used me as a speed bump...never caught the rego plate either. It’s been too long in between drinks - pardon the pun” she groaned, pulling herself up on the bathtub and resting her head on her hands. “Please tell me you feel better”

“I feel better if only slightly. “Would you be up to some black coffee and a light breakfast after a shower, to shake the cobwebs away?”

“ Let me get something from the Washington…” Her voice vanished for a moment, the slight hum of a transporter could be heard on the other side of the wall. Sam picked up the small medkit she had just beamed from her quarters and dialed up a healthy dose of ‘alcohol be gone’ as she used to call it in her younger days. A liver boosting enzyme, painkiller for the headache, and anti-nausea medication for the rolling stomach.

“ Oh good lord that feels better” The CMO finally emerged from the bathroom and really took in her surroundings.

“ Jon… where the heck are we?”

“The hotel Carlton. It’s in old San Francisco.” Jon replied. It isn’t the Ritz but it’s nice. Don’t you think?”

She looked around, admiring the decor and that fact she wasn’t face down on a park bench somewhere. “Please tell me we walked home...I didn’t disgrace myself did I?”

“We walked here. Well I think we supported each other here. I got the rooms. I remember that. You stumbled into yours and I stumbled into mine and no you didn’t disgrace yourself.” Jon replied assuringly.

“ Thank goodness for minor miracles” Sam sighed in relief, heading to the replicator to find something that didn’t smell like a bar to wear for breakfast.

“ Can you give me 10 for a shower...I smell like whatever pub we ended up in last night”

“Sure, I need to take one as well. Hey, what are you going to wear? “ He sniffed his uniform and made a face. “I sure can’t wear my uniform and I don’t think they would like me showing up naked.”

“ Something casual - we’re on leave, besides I don’t want any more attention or pictures on the wall” Sam wrinkled her nose as she peeled off the very stale uniform. The stench was terrible.

“Something casual. Okay I can do that…. I think.” Jon replied “And I agree no pictures of any kind.”

10 minutes in the shower felt like heaven, and for any passerby that would encounter her later in the day it would be a godsend.She merged and towel dried her hair, picking out something casual and comfortable from the replicator menu to wear. She still looked a little hung over, but she felt a heck of a lot better than before.

Jon likewise felt better after his shower, his hair was washed, his body was clean and he had picked out some Khaki slacks and a pullover polo shirt. He walked over to the wall. “You decent Sam? He asked and he felt silly. Only a few days earlier they had both been bound and naked.

“ Yep, just trying to get the hair to behave” Came the call, and she emerged from the bathroom in a comfortable pair of pants and a simple top.

“Okay, open your door, I’m headed your way.” Jon answered as he looked himself over in the mirror and was satisfied with the end result. Opening the door, he walked the few feet to Sam’s door and knocked.

“Come in” She called, still wrestling with the damp mass of hair that was refusing to play ball. She dragged a brush through it and left it loose to be dealt with later.

“ That smells infinitely improved on half an hour ago” She mused out loud as she headed into the main living area of the room.

Hiya Sam.” Jon replied as he came into her room. “Don’t take this the wrong way but you look much better than you did last night.” A well meaning smile on his face.

“ If you weren’t my boss and someone I respected I’d slap you. Good thing you fall into both of those catagories” She smirked, playfully pushing his shoulder anyway. “You mean well, and I appreciate that as your friend”

“Samantha Howard. You are not only my friend but a close one as well. Never forget that. What
You do on the ship, what you did on the last mission. You're amazing.” Jon said honestly.

“ Hey, it’s a team thing - not a person thing. WE got through it as a team” She redirected his words “ And I’m damned proud to be on your team”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way Sam.” Jon replied honestly. He was amazed and more than thankful at the closeness of their relationship. A relationship he deeply treasured.

“Now you mentioned something about coffee, and now that my stomach isn’t attempting to make a reappearance I would be delighted to accompany you” Sam smiled.

“Then my dear doctor. Let us be off and see what the world has in store for us. Starting with a good breakfast.” Jon said with a smile as they headed out in search of breakfast.

“Nothing better to start the day with” She echoed, following him out of the room and towards the lift at the end of the corridor. “ Thanks for getting us rooms last night BTW, I had a very bad dream that I was face down in the grass somewhere”

“Sam you are welcome. Was raised to be a gentleman.” He grew concerned when Sam mentioned a bad dream. “Face down in the grass? Were you hurt or injured?””

“ No nothing like that, just unable to handle my alcohol. When I was much younger and studying my friends and I had a particularly robust session at the Fox n Hound after our end of your exams. I woke up the next morning face down on the grass. Not something I wanted to repeat. Thanks to you it was a comfortable bed instead of the ground” Sam blushed as she explained the recurring dream. She had been mortified about her own behaviour and had vowed never to lose her dignity in such a way again.

Jon chuckled at the story. “Well you maintained your dignity throughout the evening. I assure you, so you have nothing to worry about. By the way, where did you learn to drink like that? You were really socking them away.”

“ Never challenge a med student to either drink coffee or alcohol” She said simply, breathing in the fresh air as they exited the hotel into the natural light.

“I’ll remember that. I guess that goes for counselors as well because Essie can really put away some coffee. I think she has a wooden leg.” He joked.

“There you go you see?” Sam paused when they reached the street, looking up and down and having no idea of where they actually were.

“ Ahhhh I don’t remember this area at all”

“It’s part of old San Francisco.” Jon explained. “Not too far from here is Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s famous for its seafood. None better anywhere. Also I’m not surprised you don’t remember you were pretty much out of it by the time we got here.”

“ See, there’s the whole disgracing myself thing again, I could have been anybodys.” She shook her head - vowing never to take on Jon when it came to alcohol again. Never never again

“Sam, you didn’t disgrace yourself. Stop saying that you did.” Jon replied with a smile. As they looked for somewhere to enjoy a nice quiet breakfast.

“If you weren’t here I’m sure I would have” She retorted, refusing to meet his smile, they headed towards the waterfront where the morning brought numerous people out in search of coffee and sustenance.

“How about here? Jon asked as the approached a waterfront cafe. It was named A Cup of Joe. “What do you think Sam?” He asked his friend.

“Perfect” The CMO replied, heading towards the cafe, they shared a breakfast in friendly companionship and continued the rest of the day as much - a much needed break from the crazy times their work lives had become.


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