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Posted on Sun Oct 4th, 2020 @ 6:59pm by Commander Samantha Howard

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Sickbay

" Good Morning Alpha Shift!" Doctor Samantha Howard strolled into sickbay at hours, happier than she had been seen in a long long time. The doctor had enjoyed several days of relaxation on Earth after surviving an inquiry into the previous missions actions. She'd blown off some steam at an old watering hole from her academy days and discovered that no-one could drink Commander Grayson under the table - not even her.

"Good Morning Boss" one of the nurses raised an eyebrow at Howard's jovial mood and dismissed it just as quickly. Everyone was entitled to have relaxation days, even the senior staff. She wore Howard slept in her uniform she was so dedicated to the ship and her crew. It was refreshing to see everyone relaxed and ready to get back into it again.

" Alright team, stocktake, and some cardiac arrhythmia diagnostic training for today" Sam handed out some padds with the days tasks. They would restock and reset sickbay to Sam's desired specifications and undertake a series of training and practical scenarios for the later part of the shift. If things remained quiet that was. Things never remained quiet for long.


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