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Posted on Mon Dec 7th, 2020 @ 10:04pm by Commander Samantha Howard

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Hospital

Dr Sam Howard looked at the number of medical staff that had beamed down from the Washington and mentally divided them into groups. One could run the general wards and tend to any incidentals, another would give the Emergency Department a bit of a breather, taking on any new patients that needed to be triaged or have front line treatments. The third would process the Cardassians that the Away Team had dispatched during the firefight. She assigned herself to the final group, having no gripes about dealing with the dead and sparing some of her younger staff the sometimes gruesome process.

She took a moment to physically assign them to teams, also assigning a senior team leader to effectively manage them. A thorough briefing was then carried out to ensure every know their tasking. The teams nodded and headed off in their separate groups, the third team - the Morgue team waited for her to move out before falling into line behind her.

The Cardassians lay as they had fallen, bloodstains and energy weapons fire tarnishing their uniforms as they lay still on the cold floor. It was an unpleasant task but Sam had never shied away from the more unpleasant side of her work - she treated each body with the respect and dignity it deserved despite the fact that only a few hours ago they had tried to kill her.

Several hours later, the autopsy's were nearly complete, the causes of death, times and other reportables all noted down in their proper place.

"I'm taking a break for a moment, finish up here then I'll make you all upstairs and we'll see what's left to do" Sam stretched her back and grimaced at the snaps and crackles her spine made as it flexed. She headed up to the main foyer and heard the sound of something collapsing or falling over. It appeared to be coming from a storeroom adjacent. Ever the Doctor, she headed over and tried to see if she could help.


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