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Once More into the Breach

Posted on Wed Mar 24th, 2021 @ 10:17pm by Commander Samantha Howard & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Michael Stonebridge

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Shuttle/Septimus
Timeline: Current

The shuttles launched without incident and maintaining a close
formation made their way to the planet and landed in the area Stonebridge had picked out for them.

"Alright Sam, here we go. Stay close and keep your head down." Jon told his friend before tapping his com. "Alright Mr. Stonebridge, lets do this by the numbers. Deploy your men and lets get started."

On the way down, Stonebridge transported snipers and key personnel to the surface. Specialist who knew their jobs and would carry out their responsibilities to the letter. “Comms open sir so we can speak freely. “ announced Stonebridge

As they landed passing phase line Dodge. “Control Phase line Dodge completed.” Replied Stonebridge Bring our ground personnel on line. “ ordered Stonebridge

“Aye sir. All elements are now in play. Snipers and seconds in place and BRF standing by.” Reported operations control.

"Very good Mr. Stonebridge, lets begin and bring those hostages safely home." Jon replied. "lets go Sam." He told his friend, "You stick close to me."

"I'll be so close I can smell your aftershave" Sam admitted as she dropped into step slightly behind Jon as they moved. Her heart raced but she kept her cool. Time to man up and get the job done.

Stonebridge followed orders and launched when Jon launched. He knew Jon would have to initiate or he would give them away and the hostages would be in trouble from the start. So he clued his people up and waited. The moment they began. He would to.
Over the open comm: “Stonebridge to all personnel stand by they will be breaching soon!” As they waited

Jon along with Sam and the shuttles detachment of security and Intel personnel exited the shuttle. "Fan out, watch our flanks." He instructed. Tapping his combadge, " Deploy your personnel Mr. Stonebridge. lets get the hostages out and to safety."

To Sam he said, "I'd like you to to a prelim exam on the hostages Sam. Nothing in depth that can wait until we're back on the Washington. More of an observation of their state of mind and physical condition."

" Got it" Sam said with conviction as she clutched her weapon and her medkit close to her.

Stonebridge knew that if his team did not create a distraction it would make it hard for the entry team led by Jon so he took his team in.

“Stack em guys. I’ll lead. Let’s go on me. Announce last man in and watch those corners!” Ordered Stonebridge as he approached the breach point in the wall. He aimed at the weakest points and fired a steady beam causing the entry door to wobble. Within seconds they were in and voices could be heard yelling. “Ok we have there attention, file in and clear your sector as we move. Jon it’s clear to engage. They are coming for us get those hostages out of there!” Yell Stonebridge calmly.

Sam darted close begin Jon as they moved, keeping their eyes on the target as Stonebridge and his officers did their thing. The door was ajar and easily moved aside.
"Where to now?" She whispered as they moved inside.

Jon looked around and held up his hand for quiet as he listened and he heard the faint sound of crying. He motioned Sam to get behind him while signaling the others to watch their flanks. He moved stealthily forward to a side door , stopped and saint quietly to Sam, "Stay behind me." With that he kicked the door in and saw the hostages. The Governor's wife and daughter huddled in a corner.

He motioned Sam forward, "Sam, check them over but be quick."

All at once things were going off all over the place. Snipers were cutting off exit routes to those trying to reach small ships and shuttles. And it looked to Stonebridge as if there was more going on here than just a few hostages. Possibly even a people smuggling operation from the looks of things. Once the noise began to settle. Stonebridge called in his sitrep. “Stonebridge to XO. I’ve got several prisoners and what looks like a few innocent captives here. We’re gonna bag and tag what ever Intel we find and start back to the Washington with your blessings sir!” Said Stonebridge

Sam moved carefully into the room, phaser at the ready just in case there were any surprises. They had been ambushed badly during their last mission like this and she wasn't keen for the same thing to happen again. Once she was sure there were no hidden dangers she holstered the phaser and moved towards the prisoners " Hey, it's ok, we're from the USS Washington" She kept her voice low and her movement friendly - not wanting to startle the terrified prisoners any more. " I need to check you're ok then we can get you out of here" She advised, dropping to a knee and opening her medkit, pulling out the tricorder and scanning for injuries. There were numerous bruises and contusions, several small fractures but otherwise they were 'walking wounded', able to be moved until the injuries could be dealt with.

"They're ok to walk" She called back towards Jon - hoping he was still guarding the door.

"Very good Mr. Stonebridge, get out of here, we'll be right behind you." Jon replied standing in the doorway watching for any sign of intruders while Sam examined the hostages. When he heard her say they were okay to walk, he glanced over his shoulder at her, "Get them up Sam and stay with them and you all stay with me. " He tapped his combadge. "ZGrayson to all team members, pack it up guys and get back to the shuttle pronto! And watch your six!"

He motioned Sam and the hostages up and to him. "When we leave here, we don't stop for any reason until we reach the shuttle. IS that understood?"

"Before we go - are there any more hostages that you know of?" Sam whispered as they headed toward the door.

"No, just the two of us. Can we please get out of here? Before any of them come back." The older of the two hostages replied.

"We're on our way. Lets move quickly but not rashly." Jon said as he led them out of the building.

Sam moved behind the two hostages, providing a physical shield from anything that may attempt to hinder them from behind. Somewhere in the distance phaser fire could be heard.

"Almost to the shuttle, your both doing fine." Jon said giving a quick glance back at the hostages and Sam as the shuttle grew larger as security officers took up positions to protect the shuttle and those getting on.

Phaser beams lanced from behind them, striking just over the teams heads. " Run!" Sam ordered.

"GO!" Jon shouted as he spun and brought his phaser up to provide covering fire for Sam and the hostages. He fired not recklessly but with precision as his training took over and he picked his targets and fired again and again.

Sam ducked her head, pushing the two hostages towards the shuttle as she turned back to help Jon, raising her phaser and trying to ascertain where the weapons fire was coming from.

"SAM! Get in the shuttle!" Jon shouted even as he backed towards the shuttle. "Now Samantha!"

"Not. Leaving.You.Behind. Move your own ass" She challenged as she moved backward towards the shuttle, the security team ushered the hostages inside before seeking cover themselves.

"God damnit! Get in the shuttle Doctor!" Jon yelled as he reached her and grabbed her on the waist, pushing her into the shuttle and safety as a final phaser shot lanced out and struck Jon in the back, throwing him into the shuttle at Sam's feet.

"Take off now." He managed to get out.

"Jon!" Sam's voice was drowned out by the shuttle engines roaring to life. She grabbed her medkit and pulled out her tricorder, scanning her XO for any life threatening injuries. Whilst there was a sizable burn from the energy weapon, it had been far enough away to not cause any permanent damage. If she acted quickly she could prevent most of the scarring. The shuttle filled with the acrid smell of burnt flesh.

" Shuttle to Washington, ETA 5 minutes with wounded incoming" The pilot informed as the shuttle rose higher in the air. Sam gave Jon a sedative and analgesic that would keep him painfree and still until she could properly treat his injuries. Soon - they would be safely back on the Washington.


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By Captain Shran dh'Klar on Thu Mar 25th, 2021 @ 9:29am

Well done, all of you. This post is definitely in the running for best for the month.