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Dinner with a Friend

Posted on Wed Sep 1st, 2021 @ 5:52pm by Commander Samantha Howard & Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: Sickbay/Jon's Quarters.
Timeline: Current

Jon walked into Sickbay with a singular purpose, find Sam ask his question and get out all while hopefully avoiding her second in command the annoying Dr. Perrin. Strolling to her office, he peeked in, saw her alone so he entered. Closing the door behind him. "Um hi." He greeted her.

Sam looked up from the report she had been reading, grateful to see Jon looking a little more optimistic than he had done recently. He had been through a lot lately, something that Sam was acutely aware of.

"Hey yourself, what's happening?" She asked casually as she pointed to the chair opposite " Have a seat"

Jon slid easily into the chair. "Nothing much, I just wanted to get out of my quarters. How is everything with you?"

" Got cleared for duty this morning, just trying to catch up on things before the chaos of whatever we're up to next lobs through the doors of my sickbay" She admitted, wandering what indeed the fate of the universe was going to throw at them next. It'd been a heck of a few months. " No clearance yet for you? Medical or psychological?" She queried, knowing that Jon shouldn't take offence to the question.

"Good for you Sam. I'm glad you got cleared." Jon answered truthfully. " Well, cleared with the condition I see the counselor for weekly sessions." He scowled, "That is just going to be loads of fun." He said sarcastically.

"The counsellor is going to be busy, but hey, it's her job to make sure we don't go stark raving mad trying to deal with what the universe is throwing at us on a daily basis. " Sam admitted, shrugging her shoulders "better to unpack it now than to lug it around for the rest of our lives." She knew it wouldn't be easy for either of them but still needed to be done.

"If you say so Sam." Jon replied, "I for one don't plan to go stark raving mad. But that's a discussion for later. As to the reason I'm here. Would you like to have dinner with me? A real dinner, not that replicated stuff." He finished and waited anxiously for Sam's answer.

" A real dinner? Wow, that does sound inviting, I can't remember the last time I had real cooked food that wasn't molecularly synthesised out of a replicator slot." Sam admitted rubbing her chin thoughtfully. " Are you cooking... I would offer but I'm a lousy cook, apparently burning water is a thing"

Jon smiled at her, "I am cooking and it will be a real home cooked meal. I use to do it with Essie." He said as he choked up at the memory. "Sorry. How about 1830 hours and bring your appetite."

" Sounds like a plan, I think I missed lunch in there somewhere. Would you like me to bring anything? Wine... I think I have a few bottles stashed after one of our recent shore leaves..." Her voice trial;ed off as she struggled to remember just when their last shore leave was exactly.

"Great!" Jon replied obviously pleased with Sam's decision. You can bring a bottle of wine. I have some but it never hurts to have another bottle. Have you got any preference of what you would like for dinner?"

"Ummm I don't know - Something fresh, just cook whatever your heart tells you to" She admitted rubbing her chin thoughtfully, she had several dishes that she was drawn to but didn't want to pressure Jon into making something he wasn't comfortable doing. " I'm sure whatever it is will be delicious"

"I can do that." Jon replied "Of course you are leaving me to my own devices, so no complaining about the dinner selection." He joked easily with Sam, enjoying the easy banter they fell in to. "I have several ideas, I'll pick one and go with that. I think you'll like what I chose at least I hope you will."

" I have one request though - nothing too spicy, nose sweats in the middle of dinner is less than appealing" Sam laughed, remembering that some people were brought up with much broader palettes than she had been.

Jon chuckled, "No problem there Sam. I'm not a fan of spicy food. So you don't have to worry about your nose sweating. In fact I guarantee your nose will not sweat over this dinner."

" You mean you understand the nose sweats? I get weird looks from people when I mention it" She laughed as she pretended to dab the sweat from her nose.

"I understand them." Jon answered, "My Uncle Tommy would get them. As you said not the most appealing of sights and everyone would look the other way."

" Ok so that makes me feel at least a little better, I'm not the only person in the universe to get nose sweats from spicy food" The laughter that bubbled between them felt like a soothing balm for the soul.

Jon laughed, downright laughed at Sam's comment and it felt good, to have such a laugh and share it with a friend. For a moment, a precious moment the pain was gone and his soul felt light, content and happy.

" You better hop to it then if you're promising a gastronomical extravaganza for dinner" Sam smiled as she sat back in her chair and crossed her arms " This nose waits for no-one"

Jon saluted, "Yes ma'am. I'm on it." He replied as headed for the door. "Remember, bring your appetite and a bottle of wine and I'll see at 1830."

" Sounds like a plan, see you then" Sam watched as he turned and left her office, he seemed a little than he had been when he had entered. Hopefully it was the sign of good things to come.

Jon left Sickbay, his mind already working on the dinner he was going to fix for Sam. A smile, small but still a smile made it's way to his face. He had work to do and a small window to get it done.

As Jon left Sam returned to her work, feeling as though the feeling of unease had lifted slightly. Perhaps good things would happen soon.


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