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Medical Query

Posted on Mon Sep 13th, 2021 @ 10:20am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant JG Shoniara T’ghann Dex Dr

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: USS Washington

With Jon and his away team on the Breen ship, Shran sat on the bridge in his typical tactical fashion. The battle had been sudden, and they had breached a Breen ambush, but something still felt off about this entire situation.

He hit his comm badge, =^=Shran to Dex.=^=

=/\= Dex here Captain what can I do for you?=/\=

=^=Doctor, I have been giving more consideration to the viral outbreak you and Samantha were dealing with shortly after our departure from DS9. You mentioned it was Breen in origin. Have you determined where exactly it came from though? What I mean to say is, was a crewman deliberately infected on the station or was it contaminated material we brought aboard that was heading to Casperia Prime? This viral outbreak and the Breen attack seem too coincidental. =^=

=/\= Without a doubt sir, this virus would have had to be inserted into the dna of a member of our crew. It could not be passed on initially through say, the venting on the ship. All it took was a small scratch to a human member of this crew to then begin to affect our non human crew members. I think the Breen knew we were coming here and for whatever reason wanted to stop us dead in our tracks. This was…is a deadly virus that took no small intelligence to develop. =/\=

Shran sat on the bridge and pondered. If the disease had to be input to a living host rather than simply aerosolized, that meant that it had to be injected into a crew member that was on the station and didn't transport back but rather came back via the airlock. =^=Doctor, my hunch is that you need to review the crew manifest, determine which members of the crew were on the station and returned to the ship via the airlock. I don't want this virus to suddenly spring back up. Also, any chance you have or are working on an inoculation? =^=

Shoniara was in her quarters trying to work on her meditation but to be honest this DNA virus had her worried. She thought for a minute.

=/\= Captain I agree with you I do not think we have seen the last of the virus as it could lay dormant in any human member of the crew. Once it activates it easily gets passed on to our non human crew and becomes lethal unless it is picked up immediately and treated. As for an inoculation I have not yet found anything that would currently help. =/\=

she stopped talking, immediately deep in thought.

=/\= I apologize Captain I was thinking…….An inoculation might be possible but it would have to be species specific. I do not have full list of all the non human species that are on the ship and an inoculation on a Bolian might not work say on a Bajoran or an Andorian or indeed a Vulcan. On the other hand it might be easier to work on the carrier side and to engineer something that would stop the virus being released from the human host. Either way I would need blood from all our crew members. It’s a huge job and I’m not sure how long it would take. I would need help. Firstly a list of all our non human crew would be a start? =/\=

=^=I'm certain that Samantha has a list you can use for specifics, but the focus should be to protect the Vulcan, Andorian, Trill, Catain, Betazoid, Risian, Bolian, and Bajoran members of the crew as they make up the bulk of the nonhuman crew. I should think this should be a top priority, and Samantha can assist you once she returns from the Breen vessel. =^=

=/\= Captain I will need to take some time away from sickbay to begin to study this in the lab. With your approval I will have our EMH handle what he can until Sam returns. I can always site to site if necessary. Do we have any news from the away team? =/\=

=^=Do what you need to do doctor. And no, nothing of note yet from the away team. =^=

=/\= Captain may I ask how you came on board ? =/\=

=^=Transported aboard with the away team after they were debriefed on the station. Why?=^=

=/\= if you will permit me sir I would like to take a blood sample from you as a control, partly for our other Andorian crew and also to provide me with a start to possibly provide inoculation. Your immunization is of course the upmost importance as our Captain. =/\=

She had a sudden thought that maybe the transporter might provide some help. Of course all transporter contained decontamination software. She almost walked away her thoughts so all encompassing and then remembered that she had an open comm with her Captain.

=/\= sorry, yet again sir. There may be a base in all the samples to provide a platform for mass inoculation. Would you like me to come up to you or will you come to sickbay? =/\=

=^=Under the circumstances doctor, you need to come to the bridge. =^=

=/\= On my way Captain. Dex out.=/\=

The channel closed she grabbed what she needed and after activating the EMH and explaining that he was in charge, but he needed to let her know when a patient in extremis arrived. ‘Hopefully there will not be any’ she thought grimly. She had seen what Breen weapons did at first hand and it was not a memory she cared to re live. A sudden wave of dizziness swept over her and she had to stop and lean on the corridor panel. Her vision blurred and she felt nauseated. ‘NOT NOW’ she berated herself.
It had only been six years since her last Pon Far but she knew the symptoms only too well. She knew no one on the Washington as a friend, never mind well enough to help her through the rite. She stood and shook it off. ‘At least being alone in the lab would help’ she thought.

The turbo lift dropped her off on the bridge and she stepped off into the tension. She loved being on the Bridge however. The hub of everything and the view of the stars through the screen. She stood for a minute shaking off another wave of dizziness. She turned to Shran. “Captain”.

Shran looked in her direction, "Welcome to the bridge doctor. As you can see, things are a bit...tense at the moment" he said as he directed his gaze towards the viewscreen showing the Breen vessel where the away team was currently. "Happy to oblige you though, considering the alternative."

“Yes Captain the tension is palpable.” She walked over to where he sat. “I’ll just need your arm for a moment” he proffered his arm and she took the sample. “I have arranged the EMH to take care of sickbay for the moment, but he will notify me if there are any cases of the virus or if”….. she looked at the Breen ship on the view screen…..” Or if there are any other emergencies. I will be in the lab working and will inform you of my progress.”

"Very good doctor. I look forward to hearing about your progress and eliminating this viral threat for good on the ship." He gave a half smile and returned his attention to the tactical situation at hand, allowing Dex to go to the lab to begin her work.


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