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Medical check in

Posted on Thu Oct 7th, 2021 @ 4:25am by Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Callie Raven-Grayson

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: Sickbay

As per regulations Callie made her way to Sickbay for her arrival medical, it had been a lot of years since her miscarriage back in her academy days, but she was still uncomfortable spending any amount of time in Sickbay as a patient. Approaching the door she paused and took a deep breath before walking in.

Dr Sam Howard looked up from the serum she was working on when the doors parted, revealing an officer she had not seen before. No surprise though with a ship the size of the Washington, crew were coming and going all the time. Plastering her best face on despite the inner turmoil of her mind she addressed the newcomer.

"Good morning, how can I help?" She asked.

“Good morning, I’m Callie Raven-Grayson the new Chief Counsellor. I’m here for my boarding medical. That’s providing I’m not catching you at a bad time?”

" No, just putting some finishing touches to a serum for a Vulcan" Sam replied, setting down the vial and turning her attention fully to the new counsellor. She picked up a tricorder and pulled up the counselors transfer file. " Let me welcome you aboard, the Washington will keep you on your toes" Sam started, taking a moment to order her thoughts before setting the tricorder to record.

“I’ve no doubt of that” Callie smiled warmly. “I guess I’d better warn you, my readings tend to go up somewhat when I’m in Sickbay, I spent some time under medical care when I was at the Academy due to a err...” She paused for a moment. “Due to a miscarriage, it’s left me a little, I guess you’d say over sensitive.”

Sam made a note in Callie's file regarding the sensitivity to medical environments before turning her attention back to the tricorder.

"You're adrenaline levels are up a little, but in line with a heightened level of anxiety, nothing to worry about" Sam smiled, trying to reassure Callie. She paused for a moment as though trying to compose her thoughts before continuing.

“Don’t worry you don’t have to tread on eggshells around me, I accepted what happened a long time ago.” Callie offered a smile. “It would have been nice to have had some answers at the time, but they couldn’t really give me any. They just put the loss of my baby down to my being a hybrid, which considering my boyfriend at the time was human and I’m part human, doesn’t make much sense to me.”

" It is something that we could look into at some point, should you wish to" Sam replied, making a few more notes in the as she continued to take readings. " Particularly if you wish to fall pregnant again"

Callie opened her mouth to speak before frowning and closing it again for a moment. “I actually hadn’t thought about that until now” she nodded. “I’d like to get some answers, at least then I’d know what risks I’m looking at.”

" I didn't mean to pressure you or make you uncomfortable at all" Sam quickly added, placing a reassuring hand on Callie's shoulder.

“Ohh no you didn’t” Callie smiled. “I appreciate you giving me the option to get some answers, it would put a lot of old ghosts to rest.”

"Sounds like you may need to talk to someone regarding the psychological impact - know anyone in the field" Sam smiled as she continued the exam. " Apart from some anxiety you're a picture of health"

“That’s good to know” Callie smiled warmly. “I’ll make a point of talking to Lieutenant Jortho. I have yet to meet her.”

" A wise precaution to prevent any issues arising in the future in relation to the matter" Sam's voice had a distinctly Vulcan edge to it before she realised, shaking her head a little as though trying to shake that part of her mind into the background for the time being " Sorry... my head's a little jumbled at the moment"

Callie looked at Sam curiously. “Anything I can help with?”

" I'm not sure... I participated in a mind meld with a Vulcan approaching Pon Farr yesterday afternoon. It's left me a little... confused..." Sam admitted, knowing that poor Callie hadn't even signed into her first duty shift yet.

“I see” Callie nodded understandingly. “I’m surprised that you were able to withstand the sheer pressure of a meld, especially with a Vulcan experiencing the onset of Pon’farr. Mind melds are tricky at the best of times, but the added power of Pon’ takes time. Your brain has more or less been through a mental mangle of sorts, it should clear soon but if it doesn’t it maybe worth speaking with the Vulcan you melded with. It might be that you’ve bonded.”

Sam's face fell a little at the word 'bonded', having not completely understood when Dex had explained it the previous day. The implications were starting to become apparent.

"Oh my...." She whispered "that would explain why my brain has been so muddled this morning"

“It’s not as well known but Betazoids actually experience a similar bond with those they choose as a mate.” Callie’s concentration drifted off to thoughts of John as she spoke. “The bond starts off semi-permanent for us, it’s only when our souls truly ‘meet’ that of the person we love that our bond becomes permanent. We feel each other’s love, pain, it’s...difficult to explain exactly what it feels like.” She paused before snapping out of her daydream. “Sorry I got carried away there.”

"Interesting" Sam remarked as she listened, snapping the tricorder closed and saving the medical report. "It is remarkable how each species bonds"

“It is indeed” Callie nodded offering a warm smile. “I take it I’m fit for duty?”

"You are indeed, Ive updated your medical records and you're free to leave" Sam set the tricorder on the bench to the side and assisted Callie off the biobed.

“That’s great, thank you Doctor” Callie smiled warmly. “I guess I’d best be getting on. I’ll see you around.”

"Indeed, good day to you Counsellor" Howard replied as Callie headed for the door. She turned her attention back to the serum and redoubled her efforts.


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