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**BACKPOST**The Morning After the Night Before

Posted on Mon Nov 8th, 2021 @ 6:08pm by Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant JG Shoniara T’ghann Dex Dr
Edited on on Mon Nov 8th, 2021 @ 11:36pm

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Before the away mission

Dr Sam Howard slept, her dreams finally peaceful although a little confusing at points. There were half remembered pieces of Dex's Pon Farr, of Sam's own delirium and various moments in between that were filled with anxiety, anger and other strong emotions.

Whilst Sam slept Dex took some time to meditate. Entering Sam’s mind like that had been something she had never attempted before, the fact that it had seemed to work had made up for the fact that it had exhausted her. She had fallen asleep with her head on the desk at least twice that morning and had been woken with great kindness by Dr Perrim with a hot dela leaf tea her favourite beverage. She would not leave sickbay until Sam was well enough to be released to her own quarters.

During the next meld she intended to pick out the memories that she knew would remain in Sam’s psyche gradually growing and moving like an itch she could not scratch. That was just as dangerous as a full on Pon Farr. Dex could not remember how she was in the days before Sam’s miracle serum, indeed the only glimpses she had had were of herself through Sams’ eyes. Her neural activity was a little above normal but within limits. She was obviously dreaming but it did not seem to be of nightmare proportions.

Time passed, she rubbed her eyes and rose to check Sam once again. She had been sleeping for 14 hours now and Dex had had to rehydrate her again and administer a protein supplement. She had lowered the ambient light around Sam by 75%. She remembered the glare of the lights boring into her brain even with her eyes shut. She watched and waited.

There was dreams, pleasant and otherwise but the calm that Dex had instilled still pervaded. Slowly, her body and mind began to heal, restablishing the regular neural connections that were a signature of the human species. It was slow but surely as ever her body was healing.

After what seemed like an age she felt herself rising towards the surface of the water, the lightness increasing as sounds starting to emerge. The regular workings of sickbay became evident as she tried to follow the source of those sounds.

Routine crew physicals had begun again and Dex had gotten involved. She had found herself arguing with Lieutenant Dashool the Ciatian from engineering about, 0f all things his ears. She had noted that they were currently ‘too furry’ and liable to infection. The Lieutenant had voiced his disagreement a little too loudly for Dex’s delicate Vulcan hearing. She had had to walk away and leave him to Dr Perrims tender mercies. She smiled, he would probably have had more luck with her.

She decided to check on Sam again before she took a break and was pleased to see her last neural scan was approaching normal.

Sam wriggled her fingers and toes, pleasantly surprised that they were once again compliant and under her control. She stretched her limbs and rolled to her side, flexing the muscles of her spine into a more comfortable position. She had the distinct feeling she was being watched and cracked open an eyelid, squinting against the light that threatened to assault her retinas.

Dex stood arms crossed watching her. “Computer reduce ambient light above this biobed to 20 per cent, is that better Sam?” She asked glad to see her waking naturally.

"Mmnhmmm" Sam mumbled as she tried to open her eyes again, this time to a much more user friendly environment. "How long was I out?" She asked as her motor function continued to improve.

“Nineteen hours and sixteen minutes exactly. How are you feeling?” Dex continued to evaluate her neural functions.

"Like a class 9 shuttle ran over me" Sam sighed as she rubbed the bridge of her nose. It felt like her brain was different now, something had been permanently altered and would never again be the same. "How are you doing?" She asked as she rose up on her elbows and took in the scene that was sickbay.

“I am doing well thank you although I seem to have picked up some of your memories. You may feel as though you have some of mine also and your mind will feel…..different. That is why we must continue meditation and smaller melds.

As you can see Sickbay is running well with Dr Perrims help.” She leaned closer to,Sam. “In fact I must admit I like his..directness. Crew physicals have begun again and I am taking the opportunity to run viral scans on everyone. So far every crew member I have tested has been Immune to the virus. Now you need to rest. You can return to your quarters if you eat and drink before you go and continue to wear the cortical monitor.”

"Yes Ma'am" Sam levered her way to a sitting position, seeing that things were well and truely in hand under Dex and Perrims guidance. She wasn't needed for the next while and knew that if she wanted to be at her best, she needed food and sleep before her shift tomorrow. Dex however hadn't mentioned a return to duty. "Am I cleared for duty tomorrow?" She asked with a cheeky grin.

She looked serious “I presume you feel fit for duty? She did not wait for Sam to reply but carried on. “I would like you to rest for another 24 hours but, if you let me come to you this evening and show you how to meditate I will think about letting you return to duty tomorrow. There is still much to do for both of us Sam, so much of each other to acknowledge to still our minds. It is at times of stress any cracks will show so logic must prevail.

" I've had the rudimentary meditation techniques that they teach at the Academy, the ones that come with the mental health portions of medicine" Sam offered " But I must admit I'm very out of practice using them myself" She admitted with a slightly embarrassed smile.

“The Vulcan Technique of K’rhal is something only a Vulcan will teach to another who needs it it is not just the simple meditation taught at the Academy. There is no need to feel embarrassed about not using meditation techniques. Humans are well know in the Vulcan world for not undertaking something that they may find ultimately helpful, after all it is purely logical. I will discharge you to your quarters no visitors apart from the Captain should he choose to visit.” She picked up the padds that she had left on the end of the biobed. “What time would you like me to visit you this evening?”

Sam rubbed her chin a little " Anytime after dinner would be fine, I'm sure I'll be going stir crazy by then" There was a lopsided smirk that accompanied the worlds. " I take it this Vulcan meditation technique is going to to be something I have to do regularly?"

Dex looked askance at Sam. “For anything to be useful there is a logic to performing it regularly. Would you like your mind to return to how it was 24 hours ago?”

" Hmmmm no, that wasn't very pleasant at all" The CMO admitted, casting her eyes down sheepishly. She knew there would be repercussions in melding with a Vulcan during Pon Farr but had no idea how far reaching they would be. The last few days had been filled with firsts and it seemed that they would be going to continue.

Dex put her hand on Sam’s arm. “I am so sorry that you have to go through this because of me.” She managed a smile.”I am extremely grateful, if it had not been for our melding you might not have discovered the serum that saved my life and…I have no doubt you did…save my life. I can only use my expertise to try to ensure you have as little residual effects as possible…but it will take the two of us to manage that.

I will visit your quarters at 17.00 hours, please do not consume any caffeine for 4 hours prior to our meeting. I would like you to take Puss with you, if you feel any ill effects or experience any hallucinations place your hand on him and he will help and inform me. You may go, I will see you this evening. Puss T’an’alaT-h!” The great Sehlat padded over to Sam and waited for her.

" Yes Ma'am" Sam mock saluted the half Vulcan and headed for the door, the large creature by her side. Her mind was quieter than it had been for days but it seemed it would take continual efforts to keep it that way. Still - she had saved a life and that was all that had mattered.

Exhausted Dex left sickbay in the able hands of Dr Perrim with the adage that if he should need help to call her and not Dr Howard. She felt a little lost without Puss, he was her companion of nearly 20 years and, to her the Sehlat represented a grounding to her life. As a child she had not cared for the Vulcan half of herself and had been wild and selfish.

Along with her brother Telvan they had been a source of embarrassment especially to their father who had an ambassadorial persona to maintain. Due to their wild behaviour the family could no longer live in the Embassy but had to take a house outside of the city of Dogan. There the pair continued to run wild. Their favourite trick was to run away and see how many days it took the Ambassadorial guard to find them.

Then Telvan had been sent away to school near Mount Selaya on Vulcan. Shoniara's behavior became much worse and she had been arrested several times. She had even managed to get a place on a flight to Vulcan by stating her connections and charging everything to her father. She was only caught when she had been recognised by an aide who was flying home to visit his family.

She entered her quarters which were now back to the clean uncluttered state she wanted after her destruction during the Pon Farr. Her b’atleth now clean and shining hung on the wall the only adornment. She replicated a meal which she left uneaten. The lack of appetite worried her but she felt too tired to examine why. She changed out of her uniform lay down and slept.


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By Captain Shran dh'Klar on Mon Nov 8th, 2021 @ 8:03pm

Good post, but when is this happening?