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Righting Wrongs

Posted on Fri Nov 26th, 2021 @ 11:26am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant JG Eislyn Jortho

Mission: Sinister Intentions
Location: USS Washington

The Washington orbited the planet Izar. In transporter room 2, a Denobulan male was beaming in as counselor Eislyn Jortho waited with the girl Trevix. As the transporter finished its cycle, the girl looked filled with hope and glee as she saw her father for the first time in what seemed like forever. Eislyn let go of the girl's shoulder and the girl rushed to embrace her father. Eislyn smiled as she watched the two embrace, the reunion that she found quite gratifying.

Finally the two broke the embrace and the Denobulan man looked at Jortho and introduced himself, " Dr. Zepht. I am very grateful that you found my daughter and have returned her. I thought her lost with her mother."

Jortho smiled. "Counselor Eislyn Jortho. Our captain was quite happy to have found her and a few other children, and returning Trevix to her family is the least we could do. Might I ask though, why was she on New Krakow with her mother when she disappeared?"

"Honestly counselor, she was with her mother. Her mother was a microbiologist and was visiting a colleague at the New Krakow scientific facility. Trevix wanted to go with her to see some of the projects. When we were informed that her mother never arrived at the facility, we feared the worst. So it was and it turned out, but you found Trvix, and so our sorrow has been minimized."

Eislyn continued to show sympathy and compassion towards both Denobulans until they left. Upon their exit from the ship she hailed the bridge to notify them of their departure and was asked to come up to the bridge to speak with the captain. She made her way to the bridge.

When Eislyn reached the bridge Shran was speaking with a human on the viewscreen. From what she overheard, it sounded like this might be the captain of the transport ship that was bringing the Andorian delegation and had brought Dex's bond brother. Eislyn waited for the captain to complete his conversation before approaching.

"Captain" she began.

Shran looked over at Eislyn. "Counselor, good. Everything went smoothly with the Denobulan girl I take it."

"Yes sir. I found out some additional background information as well. Based on it, I am even further convinced that something sinister is happening at the New Krakow colony."

"I fully agree with that assessment counselor. Once we complete our dealings with the Andorian delegation, I fully plan for us to pay New Krakow a visit."

"Very well captain. Shall I accompany you to meet with the the Andorians?"

Shran nodded. "I think that would be agreeable counselor. The child is in sickbay with Dr. Howard getting a last minute wellness check. We'll meet the delegation and then escort them down to sickbay." Shran looked to Jon, "You have the bridge Jon."


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