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What happened?

Posted on Sat Nov 27th, 2021 @ 10:33am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson

Mission: Sinister Intentions
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Prior to arriving at Izar


Callie was back on her feet feeling much better thanks to Sam, her voice was still a little croaky but she was up on her feet waiting for Shran and Jon’s arrival. As per regulations the incident between herself and Dex had to be reported.

With Dex now stable Sam wandered over to Callie "good morning, how are you feeling?" She asked with a cursory tricorder scan.

Callie offered a smile. “I’m fine Sam, just a little hoarse” she looked across to Dex. “How’s Dex?”

Shran walked in with Jon by his side, a concerned look on his face. "What has happened Sam?" he asked with concern.

“Maybe I should...answer that” Callie looked towards Shran and Jon. “Dex is suffering from severe PTSD as a result...” She paused to sip her glass of water. “...of the trip to the Breen base. She was hallucinating when she err...tried to strangle me.”

"WHAT!?" Jon's voice sounded like a rifle shot in the quiet confines of Sickbay. "Want to run that by me again Callie?" His eyes on her.

Callie looked towards Dex then back at Jon. “It wasn’t Dex’s fault. She had a psychotic episode brought on by the PTSD, she thought I was someone else. She’s slowly dying Commander, she needs a Vulcan who can help stabilize her deteriorating state.”

"And I am extremely sorry to hear that Callie. My question is where were the counselors to prevent something like this? I had to jump through hoops to just get returned to active duty because of the concern I was suffering from PTSD. " Jon pointed out.

Shran nodded. "I tend to agree with your assessment Jon. Why was i not informed of this PTSD issue, nor of the other medical issues you are suffering from Dex? And while I understand it is a breach into you personal life, I'd like to know what exactly you seem to be suffering from so that we might make arrangements accordingly."

“Dex isn’t conscious Captain, at least not to a state in which she’ll understand you” Callie looked at Dex then at Shran.

Shran looked at Samantha, "Why didn't you inform me of any of this, or at least inform Jon?"

Sam looked between the officers, feeling a little betrayed and more than a little vulnerable " I was unaware of the extent of her trauma" she said quietly, she only mentioned the she was having trouble sleeping. I should have looked deeper into it"

Callie leapt in to help ease Sam’s discomfort at being put on the spot. “The PTSD has only just manifested itself Captain. It’s been brought on by contact with the children you brought back to the ship. The young girl Dex has attached herself to has been flooding Dex’s mind with emotions, which hasn’t helped matters any.”

"Sam. when we're finished. I'd like to talk to you." Jon said gently. He didn't believe in piling on. It was clear Sam felt bad over the incident.

He looked to Callie, " Callie, how is it you are aware of Dex's PTSD and the Chief Medical Officer wasn't?" Jon asked calmly.

Callie looked to Jon. “Because she was talking to me about her problem. She told me she hadn’t slept, or meditated since returning from the planet, she felt like she was losing her mind. In my professional opinion she’s suffering from PTSD, the Doctor...” She looked towards Sam then back at Jon. “wasn’t aware because it’s something that’s only just come to light.”

Jon didn't reply, he simply nodded. All the more reason he wanted to talk to Sam. Line of communication needed to be better and people apprised of a potential serious situation.

"Yes sir" Sam said quietly, her eyes downcast. She knew an impending dressing down when she saw it. She had hoped to be able to control the situation and shield Dex from the scrutiny of command and hopefully retain her position. Had she been in error in trying to help her friend and colleague? Now she questioned her own judgement.

"It would seem plenty of blame exists to be spread around, but that will have to wait. We have some serious issues to solve. I assume that Callie is going to recover from her injuries. Am I correct in that assessment Sam?"

" Correct, her injuries' whilst traumatic were superficial in nature. Dr Perrim has already treated her throat for contusions and she will make a full recovery." Sam replied, hoping she wasn't about to have her career flushed down the toilet.

Shran nodded. "Good. Which leaves us with the matter of Dex. You mentioned the need of some sort of Vulcan master needed to help stabilize her. Does anyone know where we can find one?" Shran looked around the room hoping somebody had an answer. "As for the Andorian child, I'll have the child brought to my quarters. I have experience dealing with them and won't have the same issues as Dex seemed to have. An Andorian representative has already been dispatched to retrieve the child and should be with us in roughly 2 days time. The crew will just have to deal with me being preoccupied until then. I'm sure Jon can handle things while I am preoccupied."

"Certainly sir. We'll make sure everything proceeds smoothly until the Andorian representative gets here." Jon looked at the the others. "Not trying to sound stupid but does Dex need a Vulcan master or just another Vulcan?"

" I had an idea, but involves altering Dex's brain chemistry. My current theory is that the Vulcan part of her mind it at odd with the Risian part of her mind, if I can alter her neural chemistry, I may be able to force those two parts to work together again. My latest scans showed a chemical imbalance in two different regions consistent with something of this nature" Sam explained carefully.

Callie looked towards Jon and Shran. “In the meantime I can check Dex’s records, see if she has any family members that may be able to help us. Family connections tend to be very strong.”

Shran tilted his head in contemplative manner. "I'm no doctor, but is such a thing safe, or even advisable? Would not seeking out another Vulcan be advisable, or practicable?"

"If we can locate a Vulcan with the right skill set, it would be preferential, however if we can't this resolved quickly, I fear permanent damage will occur." Sam replied sagely.

"Does she have family nearby? I know Vulcans can often be cured through family in these cases." Shran waited for what he hoped would be a positive reply.

Callie had called up Dex’s personnel file. “According to Dex’s personnel file her next of kin is Valev T’ghrek T’ghann of the House of O’kaan. He is the Vulcan Ambassador to Risa, and Dex is his ‘bond sister’ whatever that means. He has a ship called the T’Planna H’ath.”

"Do we know how far away that ship is? Cos we have 24 hours, 48 max before whatever is damaging Dex's mind becomes permanent and irreversible" Sam looked concerned.

Shran hit his comm badge =^=Shran to Celes. Locate a Vulcan on Risa by the name of Valev T’ghrek T’ghann. Notify him that we have need of his services for his bond sister.=^=

=Captain, I was about to contact you. We just got a hail from a cargo transport Serenity. They are transporting the Andorian delegation and had just picked up a Valev T’ghrek T’ghann and wanted to inform us that they will rendezvous with us in 18 hours.=^=

Shran looked intrigued by this. =^=Lay in an intercept course Deanna. Warp 9.=^= Shran looked at everyone in the room, "Well, that seems to solve this dilemma. Don't know how he knew to come this way, but we can worry about that after he does whatever he can for Dex." Shran looked at Sam and Callie, "Samantha, Callie, once you are ready, I want this PTSD matter handled. Every member of the away team should be required to be checked out by a counselor. I don't want another incident like this happening. I'll do my due diligence and speak with Jortho." Shran looked at Jon, "I want you to oversee this Jon. We can't afford to have anyone in the crew being injured like this, especially senior officers. Protocols are in place and I know you'll be able to handle this. I believe you should have some time with your spouse first of course."

"Of course sir. You can count on me and I agree totally. We cannot have another such incident occur. I personally think for future away teams where the members face similar circumstances, a session with a counselor is mandatory." Jon assured the Captain." He paused as a smile crossed his face. "Thank you sir. I know Callie thanks you as well."

Callie nodded in agreement. “I’ll make sure all away team members in stressful situations are spoken to from now on Captain.”

"Thank you Callie. That will help out immensely." Jon replied crisply.

“This was my failing” Callie sighed. “I was concentrating more on the children than I was on Dex. We were talking earlier when Harry had a nightmare, the nurse asked for help, and I ended up being distracted by him. It won’t happen again.”

"I understand that children can be a distraction. It is doubly difficult when they are with you on a starship. But you can't let that happen. As I said to you when you brought the idea of adopting the child, it will bring new challenges. I am certain you'll adapt." Shran turned to head out and then stopped to look back. "I'm heading to see Jortho. She has asked to speak with me and I told her I would come down to see what she needed. She made mention that you and Jon had something you wanted to discuss with me with her. Anything you want me know at this point?"

Callie looked at Jon. “Ensign Jortho has found some disturbing information regarding a planet linked to the children. It seems there could be a link to what happened to me as well. She suggested we all talk together.”

"I'd say you need to remain here and recuperate for the time being counselor. I'm sure Jon would like a few minutes with you as well. I'll be fine getting the information from Jortho alone. It sounds like we may need to make a trip. I'll keep you all abreast of the goings on once I speak with with Jortho." Shran turned and left.

" Yes Sir" Sam replied as the Captain left, turning her attention back to her charge. She hoped that they could heal Dex before the damage became permanent - only time would tell.

Jon turned back to Callie, "Are you sure you are alright?" The concern in his voice evident. "Don't tax your voice just take it slow." He stressed.

Callie nodded. “I’m fine, just a little hoarse. It’s more bruised pride than anything else.” She offered a smile. “I’ll stay here and rest.” She headed back over to the biobed she’d been on and hopped on to lie down.

"Alright." Jon answered. "I'll get Harry from school and if your still here, I'll bring him by to see you."

Callie nodded. “Thank you Jon, I appreciate that. In the meantime I’ll get some rest while I can.”

"Callie for goodness sake, we're a family. You are Harry's mother. He needs to come see you. So he can give you some hugs." Jon finished with a smile.

Callie gave her husband a surprised look. “I’m not complaining. I’ll look forward to it.”

Jon leaned forward and kissed her softly. "You rest. I'll be back later with Harry." He promised.


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