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Posted on Sun Jan 9th, 2022 @ 9:27am by Lieutenant Callie Raven-Grayson & Lieutenant JG Eislyn Jortho

Mission: Sinister Intentions
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Morning after An Experimental Fix.


Callie sat in Sickbay waiting for Eislyn, she wanted to go home but she needed to be cleared first and she was hoping Eislyn could help with that. She looked towards the doors as they opened hoping it was Eislyn.

Eislyn entered and made her way to Callie. "How are we feeling today?"

“More me” Callie offered a smile. “Now I just need to face up to what’s happened to me. The downside of being a counsellor is that you know you can’t run and hide.” Her smile faded somewhat. “There was a time at the Academy when T’Vall and I were actually good friends, or at least I thought we were. Now I’m confused as to whether that friendship was real, or if he was just pretending to get close to me.”

Eislyn understood how Callie must feel. Being a joined Trill gave her a great deal of experience and memory to pull from. "It can be difficult to reconcile that. You have to realize that T'Vall was a disturbed individual who used people in a parasitical manner. What happened was not your fault, you were in fact one of many victims to fall prey to him. While you may have seen him as a friend, it was a one-sided friendship, and thankfully it is one that is over for good so that it can no longer cause you harm."

Callie nodded. “Now I just have to come to terms with what he did to me, what he convinced me to do. I willingly made love with him! When I was brought back I was pregnant! Again!! I still don’t know how I feel about losing another baby.” She sighed. “I feel...” she paused.

"You feel what?"

“I feel like I betrayed Jon. I’m his wife!” She hung her head. “He almost lost his career because of me.”

Eislyn leaned in and hugged Callie, letting the woman literally have a shoulder to cry on. Humans were a strange lot. Women were emotional and had a deep seeded need to express those emotions, the males of the species typically buried those emotions. Eislyn was quite aware of the pain that Callie must be dealing with at this moment.

"You didn't betray Jon. You were not yourself. You were a slave controlled by T'Vall, and everything that happened was his doing. You have to accept the fact that you were the victim of a horrendous crime, an invasion of your privacy and self at the most intimate level. You are not the person T'Vall wanted you to be. You are the person you want to be, the person who is married to Jon and who has a child waiting for her at home in her quarters."

“Harry!” Callie nodded and wiped away a few tears. She needed to cry but if she let it all out she wasn’t sure when she’d be able to stop. “I want to see him! I want to get out of here Eislyn, I want to go back home and be with Jon, not be stuck here in Sickbay.”

Eislyn could feel Callie holding back, could sense that she was internally building a wall to suppress her emotions. It wasn't healthy, and she had to remind her of it. "Callie, you will get out of here and see Jon and Harry. But you are only hurting yourself by keeping your emotions bottled up. You know the truth, let it go. Stop punishing yourself."

“Eislyn I...” Callie paused, it didn’t take long before a small few tears turned into broken hearted sobbing.

Eislyn let Callie cry. It really was what was best at this point. She had tried to hold back these emotions for too long, and the dam had burst. "Let it out Callie."

“It took a few minutes before Callie finally started to calm down. The tears became less, and she eventually settled down onto her pillow as tiredness took over.

"Good Callie. This is how you heal. You'll be back with Jon soon enough."



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