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A Needed Rest

Posted on Sun Jan 9th, 2022 @ 3:51pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

Mission: Respite
Location: USS Washington

Shran waited in the turbolift as he made his way down to engineering. The lift stopped and the doors opened and he made his way down the corridor and then went through the large doors into engineering which looked quite busy. Shran made his way over to a console where LeFaye was standing and barking orders.

"Jimenez and Jones, I want that lateral sensor array back up to spec in 3 hours. Skra, take Bennington and Duffy and begin working on the plasma conduits starting on the bridge and making your way down. I want every millimeter scanned and anything that looks remotely out of place gets replaced." She took notice of the captain, "Get moving people." She turned, "How can I help you captain?"

"You haven't told me exactly what you were going to be doing or how long you expected it to take, so I figured I'd come down and force the issue."

LeFaye looked panicked. "I am sorry captain. As you can see it has been chaotic down here. The main thing we will be doing is a complete computer overhaul with the help of the station engineering team. I also have my team working on a dozen smaller projects to ensure the ship is back to top form after all the conflicts we have been in as of late. We should be ready to go in 7 days."

Shran looked around and saw engineers moving quickly like little worker bees. "Very well" He turned and began to walk out, stopped and looked back, "You do realize you and your engineers are allowed to take some time off while we are docked here at the station, right?"

"Time off? Yes, of course sir." LeFaye sounded less than convincing.

Shran smiled and walked out of engineering, the thoughts of returning home to Andoria for a few days and being with his family firmly entrenched in his mind. He'd be leaving in the morning, but he wanted to make sure everything was set before he left. Samantha had given him the all clear from medical, and Jon had said things were in order, but he still wanted to make sure as he made his way to the bridge.

Arriving the bridge was fairly quiet. That wasn't that surprising as they were docked at starbase 451 and gamma shift was just coming on. Shran looked and saw the junior officers all working at their stations. L'Rissa sat in the captain's chair getting herself some time in the big chair.

Shran made his way down to speak with her. L'Rissa seemed to be enjoying the chair, purring just a bit. "Enjoying the big chair?" he questioned in a soft voice.

L'Rissa hopped up to attention. "Yes sir! Sorry sir."

Shran smiled. "Nothing to apologize for. You look to have things here well in hand."

"Yes sir. Thank you sir."

Shran nodded. "Very well, good evening L'Rissa."

"Good evening sir."

Shran made his way back to the turbolift and looked once more at the bridge and smiled. Everything was well in hand and he could retire to his quarters without any worry. That was exactly how he liked it before going on leave.


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