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Mission Diverted

Posted on Mon Mar 28th, 2022 @ 9:29pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: USS Washington

It was the end of the shift and most of the alpha shift officers had left the bridge. The Washington was travelling at warp 6 deep into the Beta Quadrant, outside Federation territory on what Shran considered to be a well deserved change of pace mission of planetary surveying. They had received a great deal of data from probes surveying the area and Shran felt this was just the sort of thing to allow his crew to decompress a bit after all the craziness of the last several missions.

Ayana had taken her position as bridge commander of the ship and Shran was making his way with Celes to the rear turborlift when Ensign Sato called out, "Captain, we are receiving a priority one transmission from StarFleet."

Shran turned and began making his way down towards the forward bridge, "I'll take it in my ready room ensign" he said as he passed by and went into the adjacent room. He quickly made way to his desk and activated his computer terminal, inputting his security clearance. The computer sprang to life.

"Admiral Janeway. Checking up on our survey?" he queried.

"I'm afraid not captain. I am altering you mission. You are familiar with the USS Jupiter as her former captain. I thought you might be the right person for the job."

Shran looked intrigued, if not also a bit concerned. "Yes admiral, that was a good ship. Galaxy class. I was the XO and then captain during the war. What seems to be the difficulty?"

"The Jupiter has gone dark Shran. Her last message indicated she had found a dead world and an away team was going down to analyze ruins and an anomalous signal they were reading. That was 6 days ago, and StarFleet hasn't heard from them since. We would like for you to locate the ship and determine what has happened to the crew, as well as solve the mysteries they were looking into if practical."

Shran nodded understanding what was being asked. "Capt. Singh was always a by the book type, a true science officer much like yourself admiral. I'd hate for anything to have happened to him or the crew. We'll find them and get you answers."

"I know you will Shran. I am sending you all the particulars now. You are approved to exceed normal warp thresholds for the duration of the mission. Godspeed captain."

The image of Janeway disappeared and was replaced by the Federation emblem before Shran switched over to the data packet. The main thing he wanted was where they were being diverted to, and he quickly found it. He activated the comm, =^=Ayana, alter course. New heading 79.098 to the Opridion system, warp 9. Notify senior officers that I need to see them all in my ready room immediately. =^=

With that he closed the comm channel and sat down, looking over the data. "What did you find that made you go dark?" he asked aloud.


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