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Emotional turmoil

Posted on Mon Apr 11th, 2022 @ 5:21pm by Lieutenant Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Ensign Zack Ravencroft & Petty Officer 1st Class Amethyst Reece

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: Zack Ravencroft's quarters.
Timeline: Post Away Team

Zack stepped through the door to his quarters, breathing heavily. He felt himself getting worked up, pacing back and forth. No matter how much he tried, his emotions and loneliness kept pounding his walls to dust just as fast as he pulled them up. After a few minutes, his anger flared and he proceeded to trash his quarters and scream in his emotional turmoil. Chairs and tables had been tossed and in some cases broken beyond repair, plants were tossed over, and pictures that were on the wall were smashed against the wall. It ended with Zack sliding down on the wall, ending up in an emotional heap. He stared out at the chaos that was his quarters and he didn't care. But his emotions were still there, tears started to form and soon fell down his cheek. He had not even noticed the light cuts and bruises on his hand from his outburst.

Amethyst was passing Zack’s Quarters when the outburst occurred, hearing the noise from inside she hit her comm badge.

=^= Reece to Dex sorry Doctor Travis, I need you at Zack’s Quarters! =^=

Rushing to the door she hit the chime but got no answer, she was worried so she used medical override to open the door walking in to find the room trashed.

“Zack?” She looked around seeing Zack sitting on the floor. She approached slowly “Zack, what happened?”

Shon was just on her way to begin her first shift in Sickbay as a married woman and she was quietly whistling to herself as she walked along. Then a burst of static and Amethysts call. She tapped her comm already running. =/\= on my way Travis out=/\= it took her about a minute to reach Zack’s quarters and picked her way through the absolute destruction inside.
“What in Surak’s name happened here, do we need security?” Then she saw Zack on the floor Amethyst bending down. She stepped over the rubble to get to him. “What happened, Zack….Zack…, it’s Shoniara.”

“He hasn’t acknowledged me since I got in here” Amethyst gave Travis a concerned look. “I heard a load of noise so I let myself in.”

Shon took out her tricorder and scanned the silent man. “No injuries although a highly activated adrenaline spike and some deep cortical activity,” she looked at his hand “he must have cut himself. I think we need to get him to sickbay. Help me get him up Amethyst.”

Amethyst gave Shon a wary look. “I don’t think Zack will want people seeing him, couldn’t we transport to a quiet area of Sickbay?”

Dex looked at him concerned, “yes you are right, it might do him more harm. Let’s stand him up and we’ll take him to biobed 6.” They managed to stand him between them and Dex tapped her comm =^= transporter room three to beam from My signal to biobed 6 sickbay =^= A few seconds later they arrived in sickbay. “Let’s get him onto the bed” Dex said as she activated the privacy screens. Amethyst will you run a diagnostic on Zack please?”

Amethyst nodded. “Right away Doctor.”

Zack himself didn't care at the moment what was going on. There was no drive to do anything, he wouldn't even care if they shot him out of the airlock. He had no real will left at the moment, all the hurt over years had crashed him mentally.

Shon began a deep brain scan and was not happy with the results. “Amethyst I am going to induce sleep with the Alpha Wave inducer, it is not something I would normally do but in Zach’s case it is critical. She bent over Zach. “Zach, Zach it’s’ Shon and Amethyst, we are both with you. Your brain has had an internal injury and I am going to put you to sleep for a while, just for a few hours, you will not dream. Amethyst can you prepare 2ccs of improvaline and a hypo with 1.5ccs of Lexorin, thank you.

Nodding Amethyst couldn’t help but wish she could get through to Zack, maybe she was a sucker for a hard-luck case but she didn’t feel that way. She genuinely liked Zack, she just wished he liked her. “Your hypos Doctor” she handed them to Shon.

"N-No. No sleep..." Zack said, he was afraid of what his dreams would be like. This emotional break was rare but he always had trouble sleeping after.

Shon leaned over and looked at him. “I know Zach, you will sleep but not dream I promise you. You are safe with us.”

Amethyst looked at Shon before taking Zack’s hand. “I’m not going to leave you Zack, I’ll be right here the whole time. You can complain about me being overbearing and the fact that you don’t want me here when you’re feeling better. For now you’re stuck with me!”

"You'll just abandon and betray me in the end. They always do." Zack said, letting a hint of the core of what was the cause come forward.

“Right Zack you are going to have a lovely restful sleep with absolutely no dreaming. Amethyst will be right here with you.” She injected the hypos one after the other and induced non rem sleep. She set the bio bed alarm parameters and looked at Amethyst. “You know he will have to have counselling whether he wants to or not and the Captain will have to know? He is definitely not fit for duty currently.” She looked sad, “it’s just a shame that I think my wedding brought this on.”

“It wasn’t your wedding Shon” Amethyst offered a comforting smile. “This has been brewing since we were captured and I was shocked by the slave collar. He hasn’t said it but he blamed himself for that happening to me. They punished me to get to him.” She looked at Zack, “it’s my fault.”

Shon looked at her kindly. “Actually it is nobody’s fault. Zach has been like this for a long time. When he had his initial physical his mental condition was plain to see. I was hoping it would improve but this seems to have been a psychotic episode. I want him to sleep for 12 hours, then we will wake him and see how he is. What do you think?”

“I think you’re the Doctor Shon, you know what’s best. As much as I like Zack he hasn’t interest in me, I’ll be here as a friend for him.”

Shon took both Amethyst’s hands in hers. “I know he is interested in you. I saw how he looked at you that day on the beach, but, currently he is unable to move forward because of his past so he shuts everyone out and blocks his feelings off hence this breakdown. Things will change I know it, maybe not in the short term but you must stay with it, we both will. I will speak to our counsellor, if anyone can help Zack, Callie can.

Amethyst nodded. “I hope so Shon, it’s odd but I’ve liked Zack since the first time I saw him.” She offered a brief smile.

Shoniara pressed her comm =^= Travis to Counsellor Raven-Grayson I need to speak to you I have an urgent problem =^=

Callie had just finished with her latest appointment when Shon’s voice came over the comms. =^= I’ll be there as soon as I can can Shon. =^=


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